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September 23, 2011

Juli Inkster

Rosie Jones

Brittany Lang


Q. Juli, Brittany, commiseration. That was one hard-fought match.
JULI INKSTER: It was. It's tough to lose on 18, especially when your partner puts it in there. But we fought all day. I didn't hit my irons that great. Brittany drove the ball awesome. I was able to chip and putt a little bit and help the team out. But, you know, it's match play in a Solheim Cup.

Q. Brittany, what did you make of it in terms of conditions and the crowd and so on?
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, it was fantastic. Equal fans on both sides, so it was really good. Conditions were pretty good today. It wasn't too windy early on. It's still playing a little long, but, yeah, it was good out there.

Q. The sun even came out for you.
BRITTANY LANG: I know, it did quite a bit. It warmed up and it was a nice day.

Q. I suppose if you are going to lose a match, to lose to a birdie like that on 18, it probably doesn't ease the pain at all, does it?
JULI INKSTER: No, it doesn't ease the pain. But she made a great putt. That's why she's Suzann Pettersen.

Q. Well, 2-2 after the morning foursomes. So rock on the four ball.
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, rock on the four ball.

Q. How do you feel going into the afternoon?
ROSIE JONES: I think we had a good showing this morning, we had a little scary board there for a little while, but our girls hung tough and came back on one match and almost won that last match which we ended up losing, but it was pretty good. Really good. Showed a lot of heart there, so that's a good sign.

Q. Rosie, what was your strategy for the afternoon pairing?
ROSIE JONES: You know, we're getting our players out there that haven't played yet. I really want to get those new Solheim players out there, and let them hit away out here.
It's going to be a tough afternoon. It's going to get windy and be a tough golf course. We've got some length out there, but I've paired them up with in some gals that I felt like are good, solid fairway players. You know, just going to see how it goes.

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