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September 20, 2011

Vicky Hurst

Stacy Lewis

Ryann O'Toole


MIKE SCANLAN: Welcome to the 2011 Solheim Cup. We have here today the three rookies on the U.S. Solheim Cup team: On the far left, Vicky Hurst, in the middle, Stacy Lewis, and to my left, Ryann O'Toole.
We'll start with Stacy, because she's the major champion at the table, by virtue of your win, you gained quite a few Solheim Cup points at the 2011 Kraft Nabisco, and you really shot up the rankings for this team. Just talk about being here in Ireland and playing your first Solheim Cup?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, it's been unbelievable. Since Kraft, I knew I was going to be here. I've heard so many stories of what walking into your room and coming out to the first tee. I really actually haven't been too surprised by too many things, but it's just unbelievable to be here. It was one of my goals going into the season.
MIKE SCANLAN: Vicky, you're one of two captain's picks. You had a very successful amateur career. You played some match play for the United States. Just talk about being here and what it's like in your first Solheim Cup?
VICKY HURST: So far it's been an amazing journey up to this point, and now it's just getting started. But I have played in Junior Solheim Cup, Junior Ryder Cup, and couple other team events. But I think nothing can kind of prepare you for this kind of team atmosphere, and you're playing with the 12 best Americans. So it's been crazy, but I'm just so excited to get started.
MIKE SCANLAN: And Ryann, for you, your pick drew a lot of attention. I know you've done a lot of interviews and people have had different things to say. How does it feel to finally be here with your teammates in Ireland and not have to worry about that anymore?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Interviews are always fun. I mean, they can be bit time-consuming, but it's also just shows you had the attention and being in the spotlight and having people want to know what's going on and what you're thinking, it goes along with playing well.
But to finally be here and be able to get down to business and play, I was ready to get here.
MIKE SCANLAN: Questions for these ladies.

Q. Ryann, you have an Irish name, is there any connection?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Yes, where, I don't know how far down.

Q. Do you know where or what?
RYANN O'TOOLE: No. My ancestors, my great grandparents came from Ireland, but I don't know which part, so this is actually my first time to the country.

Q. So if there are O'Tooles in the phone book, they could be relations?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Yes, I need to go on Facebook and tell them all to come out and watch.
STACY LEWIS: We told her to look that up because that question was going to come today, but apparently she didn't do it.
RYANN O'TOOLE: I went to bed.

Q. Anyone else have any Irish connections?
STACY LEWIS: No, I don't.
VICKY HURST: My caddie is Irish. Well, he's of Irish family. McDeed is his last name. That's about it.

Q. Ryann, obviously it's been a whirlwind last couple of years from Big Break to Solheim Cup. Can you describe that kind of process and transition in to where you are today?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Yes, obviously I was on the Big Break last year. I did the show just kind of to get my name out. I was playing on Futures Tour, and Big Break just brought fans out.
I think as a player, the more people that know you, the more people that follow, it kind of builds your momentum. From there, I made Top 10 on the money list for the Futures Tour, and I didn't know which events I was going to get into for the LPGA.
But it wasn't until the fifth or sixth event that I actually got in and made the cut and got through the reshuffle. It kind of just went from there. I mean, qualified for the Open, played well there, and that's when Rosie contacted me, and I think the whole talk of the Solheim Cup came into perspective and became one of my goals.
As a rookie, at the beginning of the year that wasn't something I had set fourth for myself, thinking that I was going to play a whole year again on the Futures Tour and only get in a couple of events.

Q. How important do you think mental skills will be this week to determine the winner?
STACY LEWIS: I think any kind of match play you're playing mentally you have to be so strong. The momentum can switch on every single shot, so you have to be ready for it. I think at the end of the day, you're more mentally worn out than you are physically.
You've just got to keep thinking. Even if you're playing poorly, that that next shot or that next putt can change the whole momentum of all the matches.

Q. Of course you also have to be careful that you don't try to hit it too hard before you get to the ball.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, you have to reel yourself in a little bit and let yourself just kind of enjoy the moment and just play.
MIKE SCANLAN: Stacy, can you talk about your Curtis Cup experience? You were 5-0 for the U.S. Team which set a record. Is that going to help you this week?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think so. We came over and played at St. Andrews and at the old course. It was unbelievable. The same kind of thing, just being with the best 12 amateur players at the time got some good pairings in, and I played well that week.
I love match play, I and I love alternate shots and I love the momentum changes and when things switch. You can hear it from hole to hole and match to match. I don't know. It's just a lot of fun for me.

Q. We asked the girls just now about the initiation ceremonies and as rookies. Are you scared of what you might be asked to do?
VICKY HURST: From our team?

Q. Yeah.
STACY LEWIS: They tried to get us to get up and sing last night, but that wasn't going to happen. I don't think they've done anything in the past to the rookies, so we're not going to be the first.

Q. Nothing?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Not yet at least.

Q. What did they want you to sing?
VICKY HURST: The Star-Spangled Banner.

Q. Can I ask you, what have the older hands been telling you about the first tee? I know you're experienced in previous match play events, but have they been talking to you about the nerves and what to expect on the first tee of the Solheim day, all the crowds there and everything else?
VICKY HURST: Yeah, from what I've heard from all the past players is that everyone is very nervous, not just the rookies, but also the veterans and even the opposing team. So I'm just trying to stay aware that everyone's nervous, not just me, and kind of getting myself not just ready for the first tee box, but every tee box.
I don't know. It's kind of in anticipation, but I think we're ready for it.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I've kind of heard -- everybody says that Solheim pressure is almost worse than coming down the stretch at a major, so I've kind of got that. But if it's worse than that, I don't know if it can be much worse.
I don't know. If I can get the ball on the tee and out there on the fairway somewhere, I'll be happy. Everybody's told me once you play the first couple holes, it's just golf from there. Just kind of get through the first two and see what happens.
RYANN O'TOOLE: I think the best thing to do is to expect the unexpected and picture it being the absolute worst. For some of us, they said the weather was going to be absolutely crummy here and cold and windy. But walked out today and it was like, wow, this isn't as cold as I expected. So you set yourself up for much worse and things seem much easier once they come that direction.
There are going to be a ton of people out there that are going to be cheering against us, and you just got to tell yourself that you're in their territory, and we're here to play and compete. And you just have to expect that they're not going to be cheering for us. All you can do is focus on your tee shot and go from there.

Q. You've said foursomes was your favorite form of golf. Have you only played that in the Curtis Cup? Was that your first experience of it?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, Curtis Cup was the first time, but also kind of on our college team we'd just kind of play some fun matches of alternate shot. I think it really brings out how well somebody's playing. You really have to be playing well to play well in alternate shot. I don't know, more than anything, I like the challenge of it.

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