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September 1, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki


6-2, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was that one of your fastest matches?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: How long did it take?

Q. I'm not sure.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, it was a good match today. I'm happy that it turned out the way it did. I felt like I was playing good.
I really enjoy playing out there on Arthur Ashe night sessions. It's a great feeling.

Q. How did Serena come to give you relationship advice?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, we were all in the locker room. I was going to get some treatment. She was sitting there with Venus and talking. And then, I don't know, it just came out that we were talking a bit and we had a laugh. We were just kidding around a little bit.

Q. She said she gave you bad advice that she hopes you don't take to heart. What do you say?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah, I think I should not listen to her or Venus (laughter). She was not better.

Q. A lot of the top players are playing doubles this year, too. Do you think that would help you become a more aggressive player?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I think I'm winning a lot of matches, and I think I'm doing the right thing.

Q. There's been a lot of focus on your personal life. You and Rory have been pretty open about talking about things publicly. Is there a worry at all that it could become a distraction to the tennis?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, tennis is my first priority and I'm focused on the tennis when I'm on court, that's for sure. You know, what I do off the court, I know that I'm a public person, so a lot of things will be seen by the public.
But, you know, I don't really think about it. You know, I think we have our limits and we know where they are. So as long as we both keep the feet on the ground and, you know, we both have our careers, which are important to us, I think it's working well.

Q. How helpful is it to be with someone who is used to living the kind of life you do, used to being in the public eye, this crazy life of travel?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Oh, definitely understands the life I'm living, as well, the things we're both going through. So it's unusual for someone in our age.

Q. You're somebody who says they need a lot of matches, to hit a lot of balls, to get into a rhythm. With a match like tonight where you're off the court in under an hour, is that something you want moving forward or would you prefer a tougher match?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No, I liked it this way. I've been playing quite a few matches lately. I won New Haven. Now I won two matches here. I feel like I'm on a roll and I'm playing well. So definitely it's nice to get through fast and through to the third round.

Q. When you heard that Clijsters fell out and now that Venus Williams is out, do you really feel like you're going to be able to surge far into the US Open or do you go match by match?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: To be honest, doesn't matter who is in the draw. I just take one match at a time. I believe I can beat anyone on a good day. But I have to play on a high level for seven matches, and that's not easy.
You know, I just take one match at a time, one day at a time, and we see what happens.

Q. Vania King in the next round. What do you think of her game?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: She's definitely getting a lot of balls back. It's important to stay aggressive, but not too aggressive. You know, I just need to dictate, but have control over the points.
She's definitely a player that is not easy to beat. So I'm looking forward to the match, and hopefully it can be a good one.

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