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September 18, 2011

Ross Fisher

Mark Foster

Scott Jamieson

Ian Poulter


Q. It was an interesting day, you could see the way it was going before you even teed off?
ROSS FISHER: Oh, just a bit. It was always going to be tight. All week we have been big underdogs, and you know, they have been the strongest team on paper. But we have battled away as a team. It's been a team effort this week. Everyone's played with various partners. The big guns, Poults and Westy and Clarke, they have been fantastic. Paul McGinley has been just a tremendous captain, very inspiring, just absolutely brilliant.

Q. He seems to have a plan for everything.
ROSS FISHER: He does. He had a plan for if we were leading by such and such amount, and then he had a plan if it went the other way. So he's not left any stone unturned but yeah when I was about to tee off and obviously Westy and Björn were making the turn, I think Anders and Dyson were making the turn, there was a lot of blue, and I thought, well, let's just go out there and play and sort of pick it up early and I sort of fought back.
The more we got into the game, we thought, you know, this could really come down to our game. And I was cruising at a couple up and unfortunately just pulled a wedge on, was it, 14 into the water. You know, had a chance at 4, missed that and won the next hole to go a couple up and he threw a couple of birdies at me. It was always going to be difficult. The way that we finished that last hole, I didn't realise until Jean came up and actually said, you know, Pete and I just said what do you want to do.
And I said, well, I think in honour of Seve, I think Seve would have wanted that so we thought we would hit on the green and mark it and call it a halve. That's what he would have wanted.
MARK FOSTER: The atmosphere, I thought something wasn't right out here, and on the back nine, I made a putt from the edge, the greens were tricky and I looked up and all I could see was blue. You know, it actually refocussed me to be fair. It feels amazing, and yeah, I'm just pleased for the boys.

Q. How do you feel being a rookie in this sort of situation, match-play situation?
MARK FOSTER: Paul came up to me and said he wanted to put me there. He's the boss. We are all -- we made this team. We are here to play and I said if you want me there, I'm there. Probably coming off 18, or 9 now, I was wondering, what's he put me in for. I knuckled in and Raph is a true gent and a good friend, but yeah, tried to take him out on the back nine.

Q. Got 3-up early on and at that stage all you could see was blue on the board. What were you thinking?
MARK FOSTER: I wasn't looking at that point but I was playing really well and I just lost the pace of the greens for four or five holes, and yeah, we chat about momentum and I let Raph back into that game and he started hitting good shots. I knew I was in for a game then and like I said, just refocused and thankfully went my way at the end.

Q. Do you think there might be a bit of a party at Worksop Gofl Club?
MARK FOSTER: Might be one everywhere. People talk about this event, it's a great event and it's my first experience and the boys in the room wanted to win bad. It would have hurt bad if we had not won today and pleased to pull through for them.

Q. How good, the first half, David Horsey and first full point was Scott Jamieson and now you've pulled on the winning point.
MARK FOSTER: Like I say it was my first experience. He's a good captain. He didn't -- he could have gone everybody at the top but he sat us down last night and he said during the week, we are going to win with ten men. He didn't want to play the same guys yesterday, and he was brilliant with me. I lost two games, one on Thursday, and one on Saturday, and we played -- the scoring was brilliant. He just kept saying to me, you would have won any other point.
You get down, you lose two points and as a rookie I was going -- he goes, hang on a minute, you would have won any other point. He's a great captain, he is.

Q. Great adrenaline rush for you, as well?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, brilliant experience.

Q. Tell us how it feels to hit a quality shot into the final green with so much on the line.
IAN POULTER: I needed to do something to finish. And I was walking down the hole and I didn't know whether it was the right -- whether I wanted to hit in first or whether Manassero was going to go first but it was within a yard. He hit a great shot and I kind of said to Paul walking down the fairway, I said, I'm going to go straight at this and he's like hang on a minute, hang on a minute. It was nice, I did go straight at it in the end against his orders but you know what, it come off

Q. When did you realise it would come down to your match?
IAN POULTER: You would expect them to come out fast. Obviously I saw Lee was 3-up and I almost said to myself, well, there's one, but then obviously they played some great golf obviously and you know, just it changed.
So McGinley come out and said to me on one of the holes, "Well, it's looking like it's pretty much down to your game, so you'd better turn it around."

Q. Some people think this is a match between friends and it doesn't matter.
IAN POULTER: It does matter. You know, what the adrenaline is flowing, when you're in position, a team game like this, other guys watching your game expecting you to be able to deliver, you'd better step up and hit the right at shot at the one time.
I guess it could have been a big banana skin today, looking the way the scores went early doors, but guys have played well to secure their points.

Q. How are you going to celebrate this win?
IAN POULTER: I'll have a quick drink with the boys, jump on a plane and go home.
He's a great player and he didn't do anything wrong. He got up early, and he just kept hitting fairway and green. So I pretty much figured, I had to make a birdie to beat him on a hole. Then thankfully for me, I birdied the last three holes.

Q. That's what you play for really.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I play to get the -- I play for this fun. The adrenaline was going today, and as it should. Guys unfortunately they played well and just got beat. It just didn't happen.
So you know, it's up to some other guys to kind of step up.

Q. It's hard when you've got that far ahead, to motivate sometimes.
IAN POULTER: We were motivated, trust me. But they had nothing to lose. You know, what on paper, if you was a betting man, they were never going to win today on paper with that much of a lead. But there's no way you can write them off and certainly, when the board went blue, they had momentum and they keep plugging away.
Things can change very quickly and there's enough rookies on the side which might feel a little nervy at some point, and find themselves out of their comfort zone, but it's great experience. Not just for me but for the other guys, as well.

Q. Having said that then, what about David Horsey and Scott Jamieson?
IAN POULTER: Great, fantastic for them to play great. Horsey has played lovely all week. You know, great for him to come through.
Yeah, I mean, I think there's a few names on the board there that have really done themselves wonders this week.

Q. A year ago you were playing The Challenge Tour and now you're winning vital points for GB&I.
SCOTT JAMIESON: The last two years have certainly moved in the right direction. Just to be a part of this this week is fantastic.

Q. Tell us about your emotions during that match because it was obvious early on that you needed to win.
SCOTT JAMIESON: I was trying not to look at the boards. Obviously I've had a good week so I was kind of hoping that some of the other guys in front might have been doing a little better. But then I saw when I got down on 14, that the first five games had all gone the wrong way. So Pablo was coming at me hard and fast and so lucky enough just to hang on in the end.

Q. The most pressure you've ever felt?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Possibly in my professional career. It's such a different environment, playing as a team, because it's not only yourself you let down. You let down the nine other guys and your captain as well. So yeah, very proud to hang on there and get the point.

Q. What does this do for your career going forwards?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Well, getting in this was obviously a new sort of platform that I had reached. So I've performed reasonably well this week, so hopefully I can move upwards.

Q. With this 13th point, GB&I is so close but still it is very, very hard day.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, the Europeans have come out fast and strong today. So it's close, but it's certainly not over yet. It's going to be tight.

Q. What do you feel personally about this Vivendi?
SCOTT JAMIESON: For me just to be here this year, a part of this team, is a massive achievement for me. So it's been a great week. Good fun.

Q. What were your thoughts 4-down, and you see the lead starting to ebb away?
SCOTT JAMIESON: I wasn't really doing much wrong, so I just kept telling myself to just keep doing what I had been doing. He birdied 11 and 12. And then 14, and then eagled 17, so the birdie I made on 15, that was huge, that putt I holed there to get back.
And then, yeah, par was good enough at the last.

Q. Seeing the rookies, Horsey coming through with the half point, that could be the difference at the end of the day.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, we always knew it was going to be close. We never took it for granted, that's for sure. Because, you know, this game swings in roundabouts. It's all about momentum in this format. So to -- personal point of view, to make my contribution today was massive.

Q. Sum is up the week for us.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, it's been great. To be rubbing shoulders -- Ross is a perfect partner with, one of the guys that having played Ryder Cup and a bit of experience, he was one that I was probably the most comfortable playing with, because I didn't really -- I had never met Lee or Darren or Ian before. So I played a couple of times with Ross, so he was ideal for me the first day.
Then you get to note guys after that a bit. It's nice to move on. But just rubbing shoulders with these guys, The Open Champion, No. 2 player in the world, it doesn't get any better.

Q. You can't not learn from that, can you.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Exactly. Proud that I could make my contribution.

Q. If you take away one thing you've learnt most this week, what would it be?
SCOTT JAMIESON: I don't know that right now. I'll have a think about it.

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