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September 18, 2011

Luke Donald


Q. Sum up your final round here and the tournament.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I didn't play my best today, but I got a lot out of it. 3-under was as good as I could have done probably out there. It wasn't easy, but I grinded it out pretty well. After that start I was pretty proud of myself to at least give myself a chance.

Q. Did the conditions take away anything you wanted to do today?
LUKE DONALD: It was hard to go on a big run and go really low. I'm not sure there were too many really low scores out there. It was tough. You know, it's always a tough one whether you want easy conditions to try and chase or tough conditions where a great round will maybe give you a chance. But I didn't play quite well enough to really go too low.

Q. Did this course redeem itself from some of the criticism early in the week, the way it played this week?
LUKE DONALD: You know, it was in good condition. Obviously that was the big difference to last year's championship. Architecturally I think it has a few issues, but it always stands up to a good test, and it was a good tournament in the end.

Q. Have you played Crooked Stick, and any thoughts about this going to Indianapolis next year?
LUKE DONALD: I've never played Crooked Stick, but yeah, obviously being someone who lives in Chicago I'll always look forward to having a tournament in my hometown as such, and it'll be a little bit different. Obviously we have the Ryder Cup in September, but hopefully we can find a permanent place for it.

Q. You talked about Conway Farms. You've got an affiliation with that club and they're in the mix for 2013.
LUKE DONALD: I think it would be a great venue. Obviously being a little bit more north Chicago I think it'll attract a few more fans. It's a great course. I think the players will love it. And hopefully it goes there in 2013.

Q. Is there enough golf course to hold an event like this?
LUKE DONALD: Well, if they're looking at North Shore, as well, I think it has more than North Shore, so certainly it's good enough to hold a golf tournament.

Q. Are you lobbying for Conway just as a point of pride being a member there or knowing it as you know it or what's your motivation?
LUKE DONALD: You know, they've looked at a bunch of different courses and they've come to me and kind of narrowed it down to a few, one being Conway, and I think it has the merits to support going there. It's a great course. I think the players will love it. Logistically it should work, and I think its location is a plus, as well.

Q. When you say "they," you mean the PGA TOUR?

Q. If it goes there, do you have a one-shot advantage on the field?
LUKE DONALD: Again, that can work both ways, but I would hope so.

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