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September 18, 2011

Jim Furyk


Q. I guess based on what you were just talking about, you didn't want to leave it to that today?
JIM FURYK: No, I'm disappointed. You know, it's a disappointing year to start so far back, 60th coming into the Playoffs, I felt like I caught some momentum at the end of the year, but playing the last round and playing poorly leaves a sour taste. I got off to a bad start today. I three-putted 2 and then I hit a few drives that were off the golf course, made some bogeys. By the time I got things calmed down, it was a little late.
I actually made a pretty good run on the back nine. I shot 1-over, but I three-putted the par-5, 11, and didn't make a putt. Actually my birdie today was a holed bunker shot. I think statistically speaking, if I hit the green from the fairway today, I was probably worse off than hitting it in a bunker because I think I averaged two from the bunkers today and I averaged over two from the green.
Not my best day, and I'm disappointed I won't be at the TOUR Championship. It really wasn't -- I probably didn't need to play that well today; probably shooting 1- or 2-over par would have gotten me in. So thinking about it that way, it's disappointing.
But we'll see what happens with The Presidents Cup. I would still love to finish top 10, and hopefully it doesn't come down to a pick. But I had my opportunity, and we'll see how it falls.

Q. Coming into the week, if somebody told you you could either make the TOUR Championship or The Presidents Cup, what are you thinking?
JIM FURYK: That's a really unfair question at this point because it has a lot of implications to picks and different things, and I'm not sure it's fair, fair to me actually. Everyone knows I value Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup teams a lot. I take a lot of pride in making those teams, and I really want to be on the team, and no one wants to miss the TOUR Championship, as well.
At my press conference, everyone -- the TOUR wants to talk about both because they run both, but being the FedExCup is the first thing, I mentioned The Presidents Cup because I wanted you all to know it was important to me, as well.

Q. Do you recall ever not going back to defend a title at any point for any weird reason? Will this be a first for you to not be there?
JIM FURYK: Grand Slam of Golf.
Actually I may be the only one that's won more Grand Slams than majors.
Not that I can think of. I've always defended a title. I struggled to get back to '04 U.S. Open after an injury. I came back a little early and played Shinnecock.

Q. If you were to fall out of the top 10, obviously you're a strong candidate for that pick, don't you think, given your experience?
JIM FURYK: Well, I'm either going to just make it in points or just miss it in points, and from what you all are saying right now, either just make or just miss. And I think usually you kind of look at who's kind of down the line on the list. I have some experience. I think I'm a good guy in the team room. I have a lot of confidence in myself. I know that my year didn't go very well. I know that I didn't play very well. But I still have a lot of confidence in my game, and I believe it's going to come around and I'm going to be playing better.
Yeah, I'm not going to sit here and say I'm not a candidate. I'm a very good candidate. I'm still hoping it doesn't come to that.
Quite honestly, you know, I really like Billy and I really like Jay and Jan. Jay was my partner in Presidents Cup. I'd really like to see Billy Haas make the team. I hope it's not at my expense, but it would really be a neat story, and they're a wonderful family, so I really do wish him the best.

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