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September 18, 2011

Martin Laird


Q. Martin, you come to the 18th, you need a bomb, you made a bomb. I don't know if it's enough, but tell me about that putt.
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, walking down, once I got my yardage for my second shot, I said to my caddie, I know I need to make birdie. I don't know if it'll be enough, but I need to make birdie. I had a good yardage for 5-iron, was kind of disappointed with my second shot, pushing it out there. But it's always nice to make a long putt, especially if it gives me a chance to get into the TOUR Championship.

Q. Did you have any other decision holes out there where this is something I wouldn't do on any normal Sunday, but playing for your season, you made a decision you wouldn't ordinarily make?
MARTIN LAIRD: You know, not really. To be honest I drove the ball terrible today. I only hit three fairways and the only two I hit on the back happened to be on 15 and 18, which are probably the two best holes to hit the fairway on because you can get to 15, the par-5, if you drive it in the fairway, and if you miss the fairway on 18 you can't really get to the green.
But I wouldn't say I changed my plan apart from that, the second shot on 18. I was going right at it. The golf ball didn't go right at the hole, but I was aiming right at it.

Q. What will you do for the rest of the day?
MARTIN LAIRD: I'm going to go inside and get something to eat and get ready to leave, whether it's a flight to Atlanta or a flight to Phoenix, one of the two, and hopefully I sneak in and get in and go next week.

Q. Well, you went down swinging, that's certainly better than drowning on the last hole and going the other way.
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, I hit a terrible -- after 12 where I made double, I hit a terrible drive up 13 and said to my caddie, let's have the best six holes we've played all week right now, because I think I'll need them. I ended up birdieing three of the last six. To play those holes in 3-under in these conditions was pretty good, especially the way I'd been playing all day, so obviously very proud of that.
As you say, I went down swinging. I kind of like to back myself into a corner and then try and fight my way out of it.

Q. You said yesterday that you kind of came in here without pressure because you were outside the top 30. Because you were projected inside coming into today, did you feel that pressure a little bit?
MARTIN LAIRD: No, not really. I felt pressure because I had no clue where the ball was going off the tee. I mean, this is a tough golf course if you're driving it straight, and when you're driving it in the trees every hole like I was, it's unbelievably hard. I had some great up-and-downs coming in, and I definitely felt some extra pressure than if it was just a regular TOUR events coming down those last three, four holes. I definitely had a little more focus going than just a normal week because I knew what was at stake.

Q. There are about three different levels of intrigue floating around.
MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, it's great. It makes for an exciting tournament. As you said, there's Presidents Cup stories, FedExCup stories, and just this golf tournament, BMW Championship, which those guys are out there fighting to win this tournament, so there's stories everywhere. It just makes for a great week, and that's what the Playoffs are all about.

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