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September 18, 2011

Jason Dufner


Q. Obviously you played well, you took care of getting into next week. Could you just talk about that?
JASON DUFNER: Today was all right. You know, I didn't have a lot of pressure. I probably felt a little bit more coming in at the end. But got off to a good start, made some birdies there early on the back nine. The weather made it tough, so I think a lot of guys are struggling. But if I got in, that was great, it would be a bonus. I had a good finish at the PGA, so looking forward to that, and if I didn't I still had a great year and a lot of things to look forward to next year.

Q. Do you feel like you bounced back a little easier than you thought after the PGA?
JASON DUFNER: You know, I don't think about it too much. I thought about it for maybe a day or two after it happened and then I feel like I'm over it. I feel like I played some pretty good golf. We had some low cuts there in Greensboro and Barclays, which usually isn't my specialty, making a lot of birdies. I played decent last week in Boston and this week pretty solid. You know, you'd have to look at the numbers, but I know I've shot a lot of rounds under par since the PGA, so the game is pretty good.

Q. Looking forward to the majors next year?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I think maybe that gets me in Doral next year, so that's a pretty big event. But I'm top 50 in the world, too, which gets you into that. A little bit less pressure for some of the stuff next year and not having to worry about that today.

Q. Did you pay much attention to the FedExCup projections today?
JASON DUFNER: I looked at it at the end of last night before I went to bed. 28 I think starting today, so I guess I needed a good day. But you never know, certain guys could move back a spot and they might go from 26th to 40th the way the points are set up. It's hard to guess where you're going to be, but you know that you need a good round.

Q. How do you look at next week, bonus, gravy?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, to me it's a big bonus. There's a lot of money purse-wise and a lot of money FedEx-wise. Not to be greedy about it, but that's a good thing to think about. That's life. So that's good, and like I said, I love Atlanta, I love East Lake, and I'll have a lot of people following me, so I'm looking forward to maybe finishing up what I didn't quite finish at the PGA there.

Q. Did it take you long to get over that Auburn loss?
JASON DUFNER: No, a few minutes. I knew they were going to have a couple losses as a young football team. I was disappointed for some reasons, but you're not going to go unseeded every year.

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