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September 17, 2011

Paul McGinley


GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, welcome back after the second day of the Vivendi Seve Trophy, and if you are ever looking for a reaction from your players, I think you've got it today.
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, obviously we are absolutely delighted in there. It's been a great day. Things went really well for us. Our concentration levels were really good, and we were really up for it. We're really motivated and really concentrated and we are really focussed. We got the job done.
I think my pairings fortunately worked well again, and we were fresh. We were a very fresh team and hopefully that's going to be the case tomorrow, too.
GORDON SIMPSON: A strong position going into the last day.
PAUL McGINLEY: Very strong position, but you know, as always, I'm going to say a word of caution, the job is not done yet. Very strong European Team as I've said many times and we don't underestimate them. We had a strong position last time, and they came back at us strongly and luckily we were just able to hold them off.

Q. Can I just ask how impressed you've been with Simon Dyson this week.
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, I was impressed two years ago to be honest, really impressed two years ago with his fighting spirit and his personality that gelled in the team so easily. I think that's so important, as well, too, in terms of team players, not just the way they play golf. It's how they gel into a team.
He's in the same mold as Ian Poulter and that's why I put them out together tonight. I wanted to put them to see how they would work together, two peas in a pod, very, very similar: Up, energy levels through the rough, sky-high, wired first thing in the morning, wired last thing at night, don't seem to have any downtime at all. And it's refreshing to have that exuberant spirit within the team room, and I'm fortunate that I've got particularly two strong guys like that with that exuberant spirit.

Q. We don't need to ask you any questions you're so good at giving us all the information.
PAUL McGINLEY: Things have gone so well. Just waiting for it all to come crashing down sometime.
As I say, I feel that I've gotten so many strategies in my head that whatever the situation, I feel I'm going to be able to take care of it. Hopefully I am, anyway. I have so many scenarios in my head with different situations and how I put my team out, if things did go wrong.
Fortunately I haven't had to do that yet, and time will tell whether -- when I do have to deal with that, whether my theories are right. At the moment my theories about winning from the front seem to be pretty good.

Q. Again, about Simon, he just seems to have gone on extra step this season; what have you seen in him the last couple of months that's changed, or is it just he's beginning to get the results that his play deserves?
PAUL McGINLEY: I don't see a massive change in him. Any time I play with him, he plays that kind of way. I think he's very much a confidence player, and when he gets a little bit of confidence, he gets really confident. And then when he's not confident, it's a bit mundane and second-guessing himself a bit.
But when he gets that confident and that element of doubt disappears from his mind, he's great. And at this moment in time, he doesn't have that element of doubt, and he's just going from one week to the next without playing with any doubt in his game or any doubt in himself. He hit a tee shot off the first hole today that would have scared a lot of players into thinking where has my swing gone, what am I going to do, how am I going to get through this; it was such a bad tee shot, really it was so bad, he'll tell you himself. And you know, it didn't faze him. Off he went. He got stronger and stronger and stronger as the day went on.
And that shows you, you know, on other times when if he was having maybe not such a good run on his game and he did hit a shot like that, well, then that doubt will get stronger and stronger and maybe then he would shoot a 74 in the tournament or not win his match in this situation.
But he's certainly playing with no fear at the moment and it's refreshing. His personality is refreshing, as well, too. He's a great guy to have on the team. I'm very lucky; got some great personalities on there.

Q. With so few points now needed for victory, are you just going to top-load the singles?
PAUL McGINLEY: Is the draw out yet?
GORDON SIMPSON: No, but you can talk about what you're doing. We can't match them up, that's all.
PAUL McGINLEY: I'd prefer not to talk about it, sorry, until they come out. The draw is not out yet. I've certainly got my team in.
GORDON SIMPSON: The two haven't been married together yet.
PAUL McGINLEY: Just, if you don't mind -- if you don't mind, I'll talk about it privately but I don't want to say it publically.
If things go wrong -- I'm very much well aware in this game that things can still go wrong. We are in a great position and it looks really strong but things can go wrong and I don't want to preempt it.

Q. Did you have your lineup sorted out before the afternoon finished?
PAUL McGINLEY: Before the week came in, depending on what the score was, I had four or five different lineups on Sunday in my head, generally, not exactly, but generally what I was going to do in certain situations. If the situation was dire, I had a very strong idea as to what I was going to do on Sunday. And if the situation was extremely good like it is now, I had an idea before I came in on Sunday way was going to do.
I've studied it over the years. I've been involved over the years. I've seen the mistakes that European teams have made and American teams have made down the years and I've learned. I've learned from all those teams, and I've seen what works. I think I've been very blessed.
I've been very blessed that I'm playing in an era that I played in an era when I played my best, that coincided with a huge peak in the success that we were having in team golf in Europe. I was very fortunate I was in that era where we're winning Ryder Cups one after the other.
So you know, I've had nothing but good experiences in team events. I've really enjoyed them but I've also been lucky that I've been involved with players like Monty over the years, who has been on all of the teams, Darren, Westy, Poulter, that I've learned so much from. And captains like Woosie, Langer, Seve, Ollie, Monty, Sam Torrance. I've played under them all and I've been very, very blessed that I've been -- I've learned a lot from all of those people involved.
I've been lucky that I've been -- my golf, peak of my golf career so far has coincided with the success that we are having as a team, so I've learned a lot from that.

Q. I know you have concentrate on your own team this week, but how impressed are you with an 18-year-old in Matteo Manassero, the way that he's gone about this week?
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, to be honest, I mean, from the very first day, I've told my team in the meetings, we have not really discussed the Europeans. I haven't bothered too much about them. I'm more concerned about my team. I've observed and watched a bit of what's going on, but I've been so involved on what's going on out on the course I only have I one track mind.
I want our team flying, and I want all of our players flying and I'm taking a lot of personal satisfaction from our team playing well and inning with the point. That's why I was so disappointed with Robert Rock and Jamie Donaldson on not winning their match and only getting a half point, because I put so much particularly in Robert Rock last night and today. And for him to play as well as he did and not win his point, to only win half a point, he's disappointed and I'm really disappointed. Not because I want every single point; I want to win as many points as possible. Of course I do want to do that, but I'm more concerned about my team.
To be honest I've seen Manassero, and I have not really been involved in what he's doing. I'm more concerned about what my team are doing this week. And my role as a captain is to win for our team. Sorry I can't elaborate too. If he was on my team, I would have a lot to say about him.
GORDON SIMPSON: We have the draw.
PAUL McGINLEY: We have Björn against Westwood. Oh-ho, we look forward to that.
Anders Hanson against Dyson.
Molinari against Donaldson.
Noren against Rock.
Jiménez against Clarke.
Colsaerts against Horsey.
Larraz√°bal against Jamieson.
Manassero against Poulter.
Jacklin against Foster.
And Peter Hanson against Ross Fisher.
So my team, as you can see from my team, I haven't gone gung-ho, but winning, we don't need a huge amount of points, although we do need three points. I have not gung-ho and put my very, very best players and top loaded it. He's obviously done that with his form players at the top. I felt that it was important for me that I balance the team out.
So I've gone, if you look, I've got my experience very balanced throughout the team, it's at No. 1 in Westwood, look where Clarke is placed and look where Poulter is placed and where Ross Fisher is placed, and I've got the rookies in and around that. I've kept Dyson, Donaldson and Rock together because they are such great friends and they have played really well together as partners this week, and I want that kind of spirit going between the three of them. I want them to all be involved in the team room at the same time, on the range at the same time before they go out, preparing at the same time. And I want to keep that spirit together. That's why I've kept those three together.
Other than, that I've spaced the rookies in between experience there, and if it goes wrongly at the start, hopefully I've got something in the middle. And if it goes wrong in the middle, hopefully I've got something in the end.
GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, thank you very much.

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