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September 17, 2011

Ian Poulter

Robert Rock

Lee Westwood


Q. What's your thoughts on that? Disappointing finish to what was a good point.
ROBERT ROCK: Messed that up, hit a great shot to the green, and I was trying to just roll it up to give it half a chance of going in.

Q. You gelled very well.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, we played good. We should have won this. It's disappointing. It was good fun. Been looking forward to playing with him, as well, and just cost us half a point.

Q. Being a bit too hard on yourself; it's a team game.
ROBERT ROCK: It's basic stuff. It's not even pro standard, 2-putting from 30 foot, is it.

Q. It was a slow start but you really got going.
IAN POULTER: Slow start, Dys hit a couple of loose ones early doors but settled and I have to say we played very solid. From then on in, we was going to be hard to beat, even though they were up, we pretty much put it in play all day, and that wears on your opponents. They only have to hit a couple of loose ones and it's going to be very difficult for them. That's what we have done very well today after the first couple of holes.

Q. So you're a happier camper tonight?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, there was some somber faces last night. Everybody was quite quiet and pretty peeved off about their day's work, but today has been a very, very solid day.

Q. It's put you in such a strong position now, just going to be a case of concentrating and not let it --
IAN POULTER: You can't. We are on paper underdogs. They are obviously going to come out fast tomorrow. So therefore, you know, we just need to be, you know, careful, go out and play good golf.

Q. One word about your partner, 3 1/2 out of 4, really looks the part.
IAN POULTER: He's played really solid. He played with JD the first few matches and it was a nice potential partnership today. I was looking forward to it. He drives the ball well. He's playing great. He's holing putts and he's chipping in occasionally.
So, that's always nice. At the end it was about putting it in position and not making mistakes, and we have done that really well.

Q. Two rookie partners today.
LEE WESTWOOD: I enjoyed playing with both of them. They proved today why they are in the team.

Q. It's great to see young talent coming through; you can see them blossom in this environment.
LEE WESTWOOD: Absolutely. It gives them a dose of confidence. It's tough when you play your first team event. You sort of are out of your comfort zone. If you've played them before that obviously helps and you sort of try and put an arm around them.

Q. Can you remember how you felt very early on? Were you a little on edge?
LEE WESTWOOD: You don't know what to expect and you feel like you have to do more than you actually have to do. Whereas you have to have a bit of patience and relax out there and just your own game, and if you're good enough, then you win.

Q. And your own game looks to be in great shape, as well. You're just doing what you have to do.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, my game is in lovely shape. Hitting the ball nicely and starting to roll a few putts in, which is nice.

Q. And Paul appreciates having you in the team room.
LEE WESTWOOD: It's a good balance.

Q. You need some help along the way.
LEE WESTWOOD: Just confirmation that you're doing everything right. Obviously he's on his own this week, not really any vice captains, so I suppose myself and Darren are giving our bit when he needs it.
So it's all going along smoothly.

Q. The margin at the moment, like every team event, you have to watch as you finish off.
LEE WESTWOOD: The last thing we will be is complacent, because, well, they won't have played in teams but I've played in teams where you've had a big lead and it evaporate quickly if you start getting down in the early games. We'll come out with the same intensity as today I'm sure and try to get on the board early.

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