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September 17, 2011

Lexi Thompson


MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome our leader, Lexi Thompson, into the interview room. Congratulations on another great round today, and now 15-under par for the tournament, leading by five shots.
Tell me what it was like out there today and take me a little bit through your round.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, well, the front nine went pretty good for me today. The back I just had one birdie, one bogey the whole nine. But the front nine I think I birdied 6, 7, 8, and 9, so that helped out a lot. I think I birdied another hole. I think 3 -- no, 4, so that helped.
I just tried to play consistent. Just not make that many bad scores and just make bogey the worst.

Q. You've been hitting a lot of greens in regulation. Could that be one of the biggest keys for you being consistent and being able to put up these scores?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Definitely. Just trying to get the ball in the fairway and just place it out here, that all -- that's really important. Just got to trust your line and just go for it. Hitting greens is really important.
MODERATOR: You'll be playing in the final group tomorrow as the leader. It's not the first time you've been in the lead heading into the final round. What did you take from the experience before, and how much do you think that will help you when you go out there tomorrow?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: It definitely helps having that experience. Definitely going to try to play a lot better. But I learned a lot from there. I probably got a little fast and jumbled up my thoughts.
I'm just going to free swing tomorrow and just take one shot at a time and take to slow.
MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. Could you go through some of your birdie putts.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I made the one on No.4. It was about a 15-footer left to right. It was going a little fast, but I was just like, As long as it hits the hole, that's fine.
No. 6 I had about a 12-footer right to left; made that.
Then the par-3, I had about a 10-footer a little right to left again and made it.
Birdied another about 12-footer right to left and made that.
No. 9 I his I think I had about a 25-footer, so I was trying to two putt, but...

Q. What was it like making that one after the eagle in front of you?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Well, that definitely helps, I mean, only losing one shot there. But Becky eagled the first hole. She hit like a wood in and it ricocheted off the hill and went in. So it was a good start for her.
I was just waiting for my eagle to come, but never did.

Q. You've never won a tournament. Is that a big hurdle, a cross right now?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: It's definitely not a hurdle. I mean, that's my goal. I always go into every tournament wanting to win. My goal tomorrow, I'm at 15, just going to take one shot at a time and try to get it to 20.

Q. And then you're minus 6, minus 4, minus 5. Awfully consistent. Any secret to that?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Just playing consistent. You know, just keeping my thoughts really simple has definitely helped me out a lot. Just thinking about tempo and just placing it in the right spot out here.

Q. You've talked a lot this week about how you've changed the as a golfer over the last few years since turning professional. What's been the biggest key for you in being able to compete this consistently? What has changed over that stretch?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Probably just my thoughts. You know, when I get over a shot, just keeping it real simple. I have my dad line me up, so once he says I'm good and just tempo, that's all I think about. Tempo and that's it.
I used to think about a whole bunch of different things going on in my brain, and it was just not good for me. So cannot think about a lot of things.

Q. (No microphone.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Well, it all depended on I had, like what my miss was. So maybe getting quick or my swing was long. You know, just thinking about anything that can be going wrong in my swing to make that miss. So I just think about tempo and it's been working, so...

Q. What has this tournament and the first stage of qualifying school done for your confidence?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Definitely boosted my confidence a lot. I went into there just so relaxed. We got golf carts, so it was a lot more at ease and relaxing. It was like I was playing my home course pretty much, felt like.

Q. Nationally there will be more attention on you tomorrow - even though there is always a lot of attention on you - for being 16 years old and being in this position. What do you think that's going to mean for your career and for the LPGA?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I mean, it's definitely going to change my life and my career. But, you know, just got to take one shot at a time. Can't get ahead of yourself in this game. Just got to be on your feet and hope for the best.

Q. How many autographs did you sign?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I have no idea. There was a lot at the end. I didn't think they were going to stop. But I love my fans. Having all these little girls out following me, it's just great to have them.

Q. (Question regarding her watch.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No. It's nice and tight. Not losing that. Definitely not.

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