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September 3, 2011

Vania King


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You said before the match that you had to go out and you had to play your game. How do you feel you did overall today?
VANIA KING: Obviously I'm disappointed I lost. I thought it was a good match, though. It's a pity. I had a lot of chances in the first I felt, a lot of breakpoint chances. She was a little bit more aggressive than I was, and, you know, obviously she's one of the best players out there.
So I needed to step it up when I needed to, and she did it a little bit better than me today.

Q. What did you improve on? I know you faced each other at the Aussie Open; I know that was a little more lopsided. What did you improve on today?
VANIA KING: To be honest, at the Aussie Open, I was way too stressed. I felt like I never got into it. She got a quick lead, a strong lead, and I think physically, obviously physically she's very, very strong.
That's one of her strong points. At the Australian Open I don't think I was physically as good as I was today. I mean, I'm saying that, but then in the second set I got injured, so...

Q. What was go her game? Aggressiveness? Strength?
VANIA KING: To be honest, I felt like I was playing with her, you know, but she is isn't No. 1 without a good reason. She is used to winning. She has that confidence.
When she needed the points she was a little bit more aggressive than I was, but I didn't feel like I was overpowered or, you know, that she was -- tennis-wise that her game was that much better than mine.
Obviously physically today she was better than me.

Q. Interesting to hear you say that she was more aggressive, because, you know, people say she's not aggressive.
VANIA KING: On the big points, you know, she didn't let me dictate, and so I feel like I should have taken more chances. That's all. I'm not saying that, you know, in general she's like a serve and volleyer or anything.

Q. You had her on the ropes several times on her serve. You broke her three times, but it could have been a lot more.
VANIA KING: Like I said, the first set I felt like I had a lot of chances. Like you said, I had a lot of breakpoint chances. I should have gone for more. But, I mean -- I'm disappointed, but it was a good match.

Q. Obviously whenever there is a No. 1 player in tennis -- I don't know, going back to Tomas Muster or whoever -- who hasn't won a slam. There's always comments and questions, whether it's a legitimate No. 1. Now, we all know Caroline also had trouble even reaching finals. What are your thoughts about that frame of mind, that it's not a real No. 1?
VANIA KING: Um, I don't think as a player you should worry about what people say. You know, you're out there competing your hardest and your best. I mean, I can't comment on her, what she feels. I don't think you should worry about what people say.

Q. With all due respect, I was asking you what your thoughts were on that mindset.
VANIA KING: Well, I don't care what people say about me, so why should I care what people say about her?

Q. How did you feel physically? You have been playing a lot of tennis the last couple days, both the singles and doubles. Did you feel fatigued?
VANIA KING: Yeah. I mean, obviously I have to get fitter, because this is the third round, and, you know, you never know how you're gonna do.
I felt like I had two really solid matches before this, but yesterday I had doubles and mixed. To be honest, if I had known I would do so well in singles I would have rethought the mixed.
But I committed to everything, and I really enjoy the doubles and the mixed. I worked a lot on my fitness before this, but the week before Wimbledon I got sick. For two months I was really struggling with my health.
So I feel like that, for me in my game, that my health is No. 1 priority, to be physically fit. I mean, obviously I'm not a big player. I have to be able to run and be aggressive and move my feet.
So I think looking forward that I really have to focus on this.

Q. You were training largely on clay. Are you still training primarily on clay?

Q. Just talk about that. Is it a plus even coming to a hard court or grass court tournament?
VANIA KING: Well, to be honest the academy I train at only has clay court, so I have no option.
So I think, one, that it's really, really helped me improve my game on clay. I made the third round at French Open this year, and I feel very comfortable on clay now; whereas, you know, two or three years ago I would have said I hate clay. Because I did hate clay. It was awful.
And also, you know, it's good for injuries. You know, you don't get as much pounding, you don't get injured as much. It's easier I think to transition from clay to hard; whereas it's more difficult to transition from hard to clay.

Q. With women's doubles, you and your partner, you take on in the next round a couple of American wildcards. Are you looking forward to playing them? Overall, with American support, how do you feel the crowd has been the last couple days for you?
VANIA KING: Um, I feel like they've been good. I feel like this year I have had more recognition, that people recognize me more when I walk around the grounds and stuff. And when I go play my matches I feel like people are supporting me, which is really nice.
To be honest, I don't know who we play, so can you tell me?

Q. Jessica Pegula and Tara Townsend.
VANIA KING: I have never seen them play.

Q. They're wildcards.
VANIA KING: Obviously they have done well to get where they are now, so one match at a time.

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