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September 16, 2011

Jamie Donaldson

Simon Dyson

Robert Rock


Q. Jamie, how would you assess that? You had your chance to nail it to the end there, both of you.
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, misread it. I had a decent putt on the left lip and it didn't go at all. So it was annoying to not hole it but at the same time hit two great shots in there and gave ourselves two very good chances. It just wasn't quite to be.

Q. And Simon, I could see Jamie was hitting some great shots in, I think the par 5.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, brilliant shot in there. Again hit a good putt that was slower than he thought. Them two putts at the last. I think mine looked nearly dead straight and moved more than his, and his looked like it was going to go sideways and went dead straight. A bit disappointing.

Q. Overall, probably a feeling of disappointment, one that got away really, to be 3-up after 8.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, 3-up after eight and we hit some good shots on 9, 10 and 11 and just didn't really -- we had a couple of wind switches and it cost us a couple of holes. But, what can you do.

Q. You've enjoyed being out front, as well. A nice position to be in, to try to get something on the board isn't it.
JAMIE DONALDSON: He we played great together. We played great in places, but not quite as good as yesterday. If he had followed on to that, we would have won again. We had a good day and we both played well and gave ourselves lots of chances, but wasn't quite meant to be.

Q. Did you feel there was always a chance, like today that they were going to come back, that they would feel a bit stung after yesterday.
SIMON DYSON: Oh, yeah. They are some of the best players in the world. So they are quality players, and you know, they could quite easily play the golf we played yesterday and produce a 4-1.
But we have a good side, as well. Like I say, if we could have managed to rolled one of them putts in, the other couple of games are pretty close.

Q. Presumably you look forward to tomorrow, because now the intensity cracks up a bit, when you get two sessions. It's more like the old-fashioned Ryder Cup-style.
SIMON DYSON: The greensomes tomorrow will be exciting. Get two balls in play and then start foursomes from there, which is what we have been doing. We have been getting most of the holes, getting two balls in play, and so it will be probably a nice choice to have.

Q. On the greens or in general?
ROBERT ROCK: Did okay, but we both bogeyed the same hole three times. So that put us 3- and 4-down most of the time. A little bit of a fight back, but then we both bogeyed off the same hole again and gave them another one.

Q. Sense of frustration about the day really?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, we just were not in play off the tee enough and then we were trying hard to get shots close to the hole from out of the rough and out of position, and then they weren't -- we should have lost, really, from where we played.
So disappointing because we were good yesterday.

Q. You were but I suppose it was inevitable to stage a fight back today.
ROBERT ROCK: Alex didn't play to his normal standard yesterday, and he played good today. But that was to be expected. We need to have some sort of consistency. Maybe not quite as good as you were yesterday but we needed to be close.

Q. The next two days is where it all counts with 18 points, as opposed to just ten.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, they are a great side. So we have to really expect them to have some great moments and they seem to be doing that so far today. Yeah, there's plenty left to go of the just try and work on a strategy a little bit of getting better.

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