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September 16, 2011

Bill Haas


Q. Nice round of golf today.
BILL HAAS: Yeah, thanks. It was nice to make a few putts.

Q. Coming into the week, did you get more questions about making it to the TOUR Championship, trying to play your way onto The Presidents Cup team? There's a lot going on this week.
BILL HAAS: Right. You know, I've gotten a couple questions. I'm trying to stay away from The Presidents Cup talk. I got asked last week about it and probably didn't answer it the best I should have. I was steamed after coming off not a great week.
But you know, really I just knew that I needed a great week to do well in both of them. I need a great week to make The Presidents Cup team, I need a great week to move up the board for the TOUR Championship. Really not much to lose, just trying to play solid golf and give myself a chance, I guess.

Q. Having not won yet, is this year a disappointment for you coming off a two-win season? Give us an idea where you stand right now.
BILL HAAS: You know, there's been a couple Sundays I wish I got back, but I got into two playoffs, those were obviously disappointing to lose. You don't know how bad it feels to lose a playoff until you're in them, and to do it twice in a year, it's very bittersweet. There's a small amount of disappointment this year. Overall very pleased. I feel like I'm going in the right direction and just trying to put myself in more chances, I guess, to prove myself on some Sundays.

Q. You've certainly earned the respect of the players. I'm curious, Freddie Couples does not come across as the kind of guy that's going to make a lot of phone calls to guys that are going to make the team. Have you heard from Freddie?
BILL HAAS: I have not heard from Freddie, and I can honestly say I have not had one conversation with my dad about it, him being an assistant captain. It's just something I think they both want me to play the best I can play and try to earn a spot, and then Freddie will make the right decision. In my personal opinion there won't be any bias or anything like that. He'll pick whoever is the best fit.

Q. What are the keys to this golf course? With the redesign a few years ago obviously it's a bit longer than it was. When you approach the golf course, what do you think, okay, this has to work today to have a good round?
BILL HAAS: You have to put it in the fairway, and the fairways are somewhat generous. They definitely narrow up the more aggressive you get maybe on some holes. If you're not in the fairway you can't attack these greens. Granted, they are somewhat soft and I think that's the reason you're seeing some good scores. But you still look at it, top 10, 4- and 5-under is right there, so that's not extremely low. The course is playing difficult, and obviously iron play and putting is important, too. But I would say driving the ball is pretty key.

Q. Did you have to make some sort of mental adjustment this week? You guys have been sweating in the heat of summer for the last three or four months and you come to Cog Hill and it's 55, 60 degrees. Obviously you had to pack differently. Did you have to make any adjustment on yardages and your thought process?
BILL HAAS: Well, maybe a little bit. The ball is definitely not flying like it's been flying most of the summer, and I wish I would have packed better. I'm actually wearing sweaters that don't have any logos on them here. I had to go purchase some sweaters. I did not pack accordingly. I was not expecting this. My sponsor is probably not too happy with me.
This temperature is actually nice, it's just not expected.

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