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September 16, 2011

Stacy Lewis


Q. Congratulations. Great round out there today. Just talk about the round a little bit and the differences in scoring conditions this morning compared to yesterday.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, it played so much easier today. It was almost kind of you get frustrated when you weren't making birdies.
But middle of the round I was kind of struggling with my swing just trying to get things going, and I just really hung in there and hit a couple good shots at the end and made some birdies coming in.

Q. You find yourself at the top of leaderboard once again. How nice of a feeling is it to be doing this consistently?
STACY LEWIS: It's awesome. I mean, my friends are like, I'm not going to tell you good playing anymore. We're tired of hearing it.
But it's so nice to be there. It's getting comfortable there, and I think the more I'm there the more comfortable I'm going to be, especially coming down the stretch on Sunday.

Q. Talked to a lot of the players about the greens out here and the difference. How nice is it to be able to putt on greens like this?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, right now they're running so fast and so good. I was kind of worrying coming new year on new greens, but they're awesome. They're really good. It's nice to putt on some challenging greens every once in a while.

Q. This week is leading to Solheim Cup. To be playing well leading into that event, is this kind of what you had hoped for?
STACY LEWIS: Yes. I wanted to play well lat week in Arkansas; Solheim was kind of next, and then this week.
So I was kind of just doing some things with my swing to get ready for next week. I've been playing well the last month or so, so I knew I was playing well. Just kind of needed to go with it.

Q. Minus 4, minus 4; doesn't get more consistent than that. Any secret to that?
STACY LEWIS: No, it's just hanging in there. Today I chipped in for birdie and made a bomb on 10, so kind of have to get some good things to go your way. I just hung in there.

Q. How does the weekend look?
STACY LEWIS: I like my spot. Hopefully I'm up near the lead and not too far away. Should be good.

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