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September 4, 2011

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/J. Del Potro
4-6, 7-6, 6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You must be very proud of your performance today. Which part do you think was most satisfying for you?
GILLES SIMON: Well, I think the end, just to win the match, because the fourth set was really close. I was break up, 3-2, and then I started to play a little bit shaky. Was hitting harder and harder every time.
Finally I started to be tired and it was really hard to play at the end of the match. It was very good to finish in four sets.

Q. How difficult is it mentally to keep up your focus and your desire to run down the kind of ball he hits?
GILLES SIMON: Well, it's hard, but it's my job, so... I just try to do it as good as possible.
I had the sensation on the court that I maybe missed something 'cause I was playing better than him in the beginning of the fourth, and then finally it was 5-4, Love-40 on my serve. I really had the impression that I missed something. I was a little bit upset.
But finally I played some good points at this moment to save my serve. I was just focused on the end of the fourth set. I didn't really want to play a fifth.

Q. Were you angry at yourself when you went down Love-40? Did it almost inspire you in a way?
GILLES SIMON: Well, I knew I had to be more aggressive. But I start to be very tired on the court and it was harder to hit the ball. So every time he was playing a good shot, it was hard for me to run the ball then hit hard also.
I was always losing some space and I was very far from my baseline some points. So I knew I had to be a little bit more aggressive. That's what I tried to do. I think I played a good serve and volley.
Then I hit a winner also, then a good first serve. I managed to do it. It was a very good idea.

Q. The last time a lot of us talked to you you were in a rush to leave here and get on the plane to go home. Tell us what that trip was like.
GILLES SIMON: Well, it was a special one, for sure. Paris is far from New York sometimes; sometimes it's close.
But, no, I really wanted to be back there. That's why I prefer Rafa not to take too much time when it was 6-4, 6-4, 5-0, just to finish it. (Smiling.)
No, it was a special moment. I was really sad to miss the birth of my son, of course. But then I wanted to be there, of course, as soon as possible. So I was very impatient. Special trip.

Q. Was he already at home by the time you got home? Was he still at the hospital? Where did you actually see him?
GILLES SIMON: In the hospital. I was there just three days late. It's all right. Not much.

Q. Is he here this week?
GILLES SIMON: No. The mother and him were here for one month, but they left finally 'cause it started to be long. Also for them it's not easy.

Q. Is he walking, talking?
GILLES SIMON: No, he's not talking, walking. He's just one year old. He try to walk already.

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