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September 15, 2011

Becky Morgan


Q. Suzann was talking about how tough it got in the afternoon with the wind really picking up. You still managed to birdie the last three.
BECKY MORGAN: Yeah, actually started off pretty badly and kind of gave myself a bit of a talking to. I was 2-over (indiscernible) 5. Not playing very well. Had a three putt and I just turned it round. Actually made a great putt on 6, chipped in on 7, and then just kind of rolled in a few putts.
Hit some really good shots. I hit it really good on the back nine. I hit it I think three feet on 18, probably, I don't know, 18 feet on 17, and three feet on 16. So it was a bit easier.

Q. We've been hearing the wind picking up. Did it not bother you at all?
BECKY MORGAN: No, I mean, it did. I just actually started hitting it better so it wasn't a factor as much. On the front nine I didn't hit it very well so obviously it was going all over the place.
But I putted really well today. My caddie and I have been working on a few things, and it kind of paid off. It was good.

Q. Feel pretty good to be able to come out in the afternoon with these condition and shoot a round like this?
BECKY MORGAN: Yeah, I mean, especially after the first five, because I was kind of on the wrong side of par and not playing very well. Made seven birdies coming in from then, so pretty was happy with that.

Q. When you're giving yourself a good talking to, how rough can that get?
BECKY MORGAN: There was a few choice words. Just kind of was a bit -- I don't know, sometimes I need to give myself a bit of a kick in the bum to change things around. My caddie was like, Calm down. I'm like, No, I got to get it out and then I'll be okay.

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