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September 15, 2011

K.J. Choi


Q. Just some comments about the round, 4-under, somebody is leading at 8-under par, but obviously a good first day for you.
KJ CHOI: This course is something, who knows, something happen. It's a very difficult course. Wind still blowing, and weather is a little different. My game feels and my swing and everything is better than last year, more confidence on the golf course. I'm trying to catch up with everybody, so I'm very aggressive for three days.

Q. Justin Rose shot 8-under. How good of a round is that today?
KJ CHOI: Today is a little -- greens are softer, but very difficult iron control today. Justin Rose very good player, very consistent driving, irons and putting very well. I'm trying more better on the putting, so today is a little -- I practice more, three days, and I catch up.

Q. Overall how is the state of your game through the first two playoff events? Feel pretty good about things right now?
KJ CHOI: This week is very important. I'm trying more better than last three, four weeks. Three days ago my left thumb is a little hurt and swing is bothering me, so it's feeling different. Today it never bothered me and I hit it so well. Some holes I missed shots, but good recovery and the short game, bunkers. I feel more confidence and more better than last year.

Q. In terms of the weather, obviously different than what you guys have been playing the last couple of months.
KJ CHOI: Yeah, so hopefully the weather is more hot, is more better to me. Little cool down, my body is a little muscle tight. In Houston and Dallas and Jacksonville weather, no more than 45 or 50. Hopefully keep trying with the swing and is more better this time.

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