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September 15, 2011

Alison Walshe


Q. Congrats on the round today. Just take me through what was working for you out there today.
ALISON WALSHE: Yeah, I went out there and made three birdies I think in the first four holes. That got my confidence going right off the bat. And then I just kept -- I think I hit it pretty long, so I had a lot of wedges in my hands on the front nine, so I took advantage of that.
And then I just turned to the back nine and just held it together and made a couple birdies finishing. So it felt good. I was hitting it good and making some good putts.

Q. Thoughts on the course? Is it one that suits your game well?
ALISON WALSHE: Yeah, I mean, I think length, especially today with some of the wind, you can cut off a lot of holes if you have a long carry distance and stuff. We were actually commenting on that. On the front nine I don't think I hit more than an 8-iron ever.
The greens are pretty receptive, so, I mean, you can kind of attack more pins. So I think length is a bit of an advantage out here.

Q. Is this one of your top rounds of the year?
ALISON WALSHE: No. I don't know, to be honest. I have no clue. (Laughter.)

Q. You're an Arizona graduate, right?

Q. Do you have any advice for the high schooler that's going to Arizona?
ALISON WALSHE: Yeah, I was talking with her earlier this week. She shot 70 to qualify and she's got good game. She's so excited. She's Tweeting and everything, bear down, to me and Natalie and stuff.
So no, I just told her the fact that she's already Monday qualifying is as a senior in high school, that's good enough. I'm excited for her.

Q. What do you think about how your score might stack up at the end the day?
ALISON WALSHE: Yeah, it got windy about our fifth or six hole. There will be some low scores out there regardless of the wind. There are some good players left out there and there are some low numbers.
I don't know, I bet I'll be kind of near the top, but I bet someone will have a low round out there today.

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