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September 14, 2011

Dustin Johnson


Q. Has to be a lot of good feelings for you to return to this golf course as defending champion.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, it's great. I like the golf course a lot. It's in great shape this year. Obviously I played really well here last year, so it suits my game. It's long, it's hard. You're not going to go very low here, so make a lot of pars and if you can sneak in a birdie every once in a while, then you're doing well.

Q. For as long as you hit the ball and as wonderful as you drove it last year I remember your wedge into the 17th hole, that really clinched the tournament for you, a kick-in birdie.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, that was nice. I hit a perfect drive right down the middle of the fairway and had 108 yards, 110 yards or something to the hole and hit a little wedge in there to about six inches which gave me the one-shot lead going into 18.

Q. Do you think about that shot ever and recall how good you can hit wedges and how good you played coming down the stretch?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, for sure. I always think about that little shot I hit. It was just perfect. It was a perfect distance, right on target. You know, I think I'm a good wedge player at times. Sometimes I'm really good at them, sometimes I'm not so good. But it's kind of funny, you know, I was talking to Butchy about it the other day. I'm either really, really good, I hit it close -- it doesn't matter what shot it is. I either hit it really close, but what I've got to work on is getting those misses not so bad. My misses with a wedge are way too bad. So it's either really good or it's really bad, there's no like medium ground in there.

Q. What drills does he have you working on to improve your consistency with the wedge game?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Just making the body work a little bit better together, getting my arms and body moving at the same speed, not where one is outrunning the other.

Q. You've got a $10 million prize looming perhaps in your future. Does that come into your mind at all?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Of course. You always think about winning the FedExCup. Obviously winning the FedExCup is awesome, and then you get a nice bonus on top of that, so that's even better. So you've got to think about it a little bit.

Q. Is it a tournament within a tournament, or do you just hit good golf shots and everything takes care of itself?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, until Sunday you just play golf and try to shoot as best score as you can, and hopefully coming down the back nine you've got a chance to win that $10 million.

Q. What's the one thing that Cog Hill demands out of you that you have to do this week?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Boy, you've got to hit your long irons pretty good. You've got a lot of long irons out here, so if you hit those pretty well -- and you've got to hit the greens because if you miss the greens out here you're always in a bunker that's way down below the green and you've got funky stances and funky lies. You've got to be on point with your irons this week.

Q. I thought you never needed a long iron after your drives.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, I don't need too many after the drives, it's the par-3s and the par-5s where you've got to hit some good shots on. But there's a few long par-4s where I hit a lot of 6-, 7- and 8-irons, 9-irons, so those are long irons to me.

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