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September 5, 2011

Alexandr Dolgopolov


N. DJOKOVIC/A. Dolgopolov
7-6, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think happened in the tiebreak and why did you lose that tiebreak?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: I think he wear me out in the first points and I was a bit tired. When I was serving for it on 4-1, I got an unlucky call. I mean, I was leading in points and attacking. One unlucky call, and then it turned around and it was a tough tiebreak for me.
You know, I was trying to play steady because I saw he wasn't comfortable with the rhythm. You know, I wear myself out, as well, for the match. I mean, it was a really tough tiebreak.

Q. Everybody knows about your talent, your different game. What do you think you need to be really in the top?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah, I felt comfortable on the court. I think I just need to get my first serve for sure. You can't play a great returner like that, you know, serve around 40%, that's impossible.
For sure, you know, get my fitness together to be able to compete like five sets like this because I was, you know, a bit more tired in the second set and the third set. That, of course, made me make more unforced errors.
Yeah, I think pretty much it.

Q. After you lost the heartbreaking tiebreaker, did you have a feeling it was Djokovic, that was it right there?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: No, I don't think the tiebreak would change the match even if I won it. I mean, he's better than me physically now. I wasn't serving that well, you know, to compete all five sets with him.
I mean, I was a bit unlucky on the tiebreak, so I was just trying to play the match.

Q. Was that the most exciting atmosphere and tiebreak you ever played? Did you enjoy the crowd?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah, for sure. It was really nice to play. People I think liked the fight in the first set and they were enjoying. So it was just fun to be on the court.

Q. During the tiebreak, Novak was smiling during the second half of it. Seemed like he had an appreciation of how much fun it was. Did you have an appreciation of how much fun the tiebreak was and were you having fun playing it?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: For sure I was having fun just stepping on the court, so much people, good court, playing Novak. I mean, I made a good result on the tournament. I was just happy to play tennis.
For sure he was the favorite. I gave a bit of a fight, but I still need some work.

Q. Can you talk about his mental toughness. Do you think players find it increasingly tough to play against him now because he's so mentally strong?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: I don't know. I was just, you know, playing the game. I don't think he made -- he was just tougher than me in fitness. He didn't, you know, do anything like exceptional on the tiebreak. I had my chances; I didn't take them.
So, of course, he's really solid and better in fitness and just more steady than me now.

Q. You had four set points in the tiebreak. Did you think at any point it could be the one where you could pull it out?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Not really. I wasn't thinking about that. I think I could have just gone more for my shots. I was just thinking to win that set. But that just wore me out in the physical. So I could have just taken a bit more risk in that. But mostly I played it fine.

Q. Did you ever play with Santoro and what do you think about him?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: I never played him, but I think he has a fun game to watch. Players are really irritated to play him. I think he was a nice player.

Q. They say you are the new Santoro. What do you think about that?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: I don't think so. I think I have a bit more in my game. I can serve better, play some flat shots, sometimes go to the net. I think I use a bit more of my game.
Of course, I use the slice. But today, you know, playing flat with Novak, I mean, it's impossible. He just is so solid. So I tried to mix it up.

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