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September 5, 2011

Janko Tipsarevic


7-5, 6-7, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You're one of the few players wearing sunglasses. Is that for vision correction or a fashion statement?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Vision correction.

Q. Have you been watching that tiebreaker? They're tiring themselves out for the next match they're gonna have to play.
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: You mean this one?

Q. Yeah.
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Well, I'm not gonna try and play like Dolgopolov. I don't think even he knows what's gonna happen the next point. (Laughter.)
I mean, it's understandable. Alexandr is playing really good he's a new opponent for Novak. He's not an everyday opponent, you know. He never played Novak before and it's windy out there, and, you know, it's understandable that he's causing trouble for Novak.
But I'm gonna, no matter what happens here, I'm gonna try to play my game a little bit more aggressive than I did today, because I cannot rely on my serve that much against Novak because he's, I think, the best return player out there.
Just hope and go for the win.

Q. How often do you two practice together?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: We practice really often - really, really often. Like in Montreal and Cincinnati, almost every second day. We know each other really well.
Here in New York not that much since he's staying outside in a house with a couple of friends. They have tennis courts there so he practices over there.
But apart from that, really, really often. We played doubles in Montreal together.

Q. Is there a plan for you two to play doubles in the Olympics?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: No, the plan is I would probably play with than Nenad Zimonjic at the Olympic Games. I'm not sure. You gonna have to ask him.
I'm not sure he's gonna play, but I think he will focus on singles.

Q. How special is this for you to get to a quarterfinals of a Grand Slam in singles?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: You know, I'm really happy, but I'm more happy that my goal of being top 20 at the end of the year is happening, you know. I don't know my ranking. On Monday I know it's gonna improve even more.
I feel really, really lucky that, you know, I made a big change at the beginning of this year and things started to pay off almost immediately. You know, it wasn't a pretty beginning of the year losing like with match points against Verdasco in Australia.
But still, I mean, I'm doing things right and things are paying off. I'm more happy about that than playing quarterfinals.

Q. If you happen to play Novak, would your familiarity with each other make it harder or easier on this stage?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I think both. You know, even if I'm not friends with Novak I would know his game since he's going, you know, going out of your fridge in Serbia basically. So not, not, not.
But the thing is that we practice a lot, we played so many Davis Cups together, so in a way it can be easier on us maybe knowing where the other one is gonna serve when it's important or whatever.
But those things are maybe 2% of the overall outcome of the match. You know, who plays better tennis is going to win. It's as simple as that.

Q. What's your most memorable match against Novak?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I played him two times. I lost both times in three sets, and I didn't -- we were supposed to play semis in Belgrade, but because of injury I didn't go on court, you know.
I remember that the longer the match was progressing that he was playing much better. I'm not saying I'm gonna try and keep it short because it's obviously impossible, but, you know, I remember in both matches that I started really well and then I kind of backed -- went back like for a few meters, and then it's just not the way.
You really need to go for your shots and use the opportunities that you have if you want to have a chance against this guy.

Q. About today's match, I just wanted to ask you, looked like you guys were very, very even for the first three sets. What happened in the fourth set that led you to pull away? What do you think was working for you today?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I really feel that the crucial moment of the match, at least for me, was the game at 5-4 in the third set when I managed to recover a Love-30 game. Two points before that were brutal and really, really physically exhausting, but I managed to get out of that game. In the next one, if I recall, I made four backhand winners, you know.
At that point, I feel that he was a little bit psychologically down, of course, you know, which is understandable. He ran out of fuel, you know, in his tank because he played -- I think first two rounds he played like nine hours.
He was lucky, like myself, in the previous round that went to retirement. But he spent much, much longer. You know, he was much longer on court than me.
I feel that that in the third set, you know, apart from me playing and serving extremely well, I feel that that was kind of an issue.

Q. You had the injury timeout. How is your leg? How are you feeling?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: My leg is better now. I'm feeling it more now than I was on court. I have time with my physio, Stefan, to work on it. I think we have a day off tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken, so, you know, I should be okay on Wednesday against whoever I play.

Q. As well as you know him, are you as astonished as the rest of us as to what he has actually achieved this year?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: It's really a joke. I cannot believe that somebody lost how many, two, three matches this year? Two matches this year? You know, you see guys on tour -- and I'm telling you this from a psychological point of view: They win a couple of matches in a row, and, you know, you could feel in their body language on court that they feel a little bit satisfied, you know?
You really need to be big, like a big, big champion in order to really do what you say in press conference. Because you guys probably heard it a million times. I'm going to focus and give 100% in my next match.
But that's not the case every time, you know. Bottom line is that's great, but the goal is not to be overwhelmed by that. You know, I'm playing against a good opponent. I know that I need to play aggressive and good in order to win.
If I feel unbelievable and excited, you know, and just feel overwhelmed because I'm first time in the quarters and I might play Novak and I'm going out there to do my best, that's not gonna happen.
People, I wouldn't say they were laughing, you know, at me when I said when I played Roger a couple years ago in Australia, I said, I'm going to the court to win, you know.
Because if you have an idea that you are going to win, the opportunities on the court which are going to be given to you, you're going to use them. If you go there with the idea to do your best and have fun on court or whatever, you're gonna be happy if you lose 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, and that's not good.

Q. Ana Ivanovic was right here talking about Novak's importance now in your country. How big would it be for you to beat Novak - this year, I mean?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I really didn't think about it, you know. Honestly I know it's maybe stupid, whatever, but I'm honestly only focusing now on my ranking. I don't know why. I am like that.
When I take something, I just -- you know, when I was a baby, I take a doll, and until I break it I don't want a new one. I'm just now focused. I'm looking that there is 360 points waiting for me the other side of the net, and I need to beat whoever I need to do it in order to improve that, you know.
So all these things are true what you're saying, you know. But just thinking about them is giving you extra pressure. You know, we're probably going to play on Ashe Stadium. It's going to be a full court. I'm playing against the best player this year.
I start thinking about all the records that he broke or what he did this year and my chances are not gonna be bigger.

Q. Talking about wearing the glasses, most athletes who wear contacts have the laser surgery. Is that something that...
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: I tried contacts but it wasn't working for me because my eyes get red within five seconds. I tried to push through that phase, but it didn't work.
I'm not a fan of laser eye surgery. I'm gonna keep wearing the glasses.

Q. I'm writing about your racquet, and I wondered, what's the benefit and the challenge of working with a smaller brand? How did you hook up with them?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: The thing is that, you know, I am the No. 1, 2, or 3 player of Technifibre. Depends if Baghdatis is playing well or Gisela Dulko, too.
But the thing is that so far they are really treating me like I'm the No. 1 player in the world, you know, which is good. I obviously didn't choose Technifibre because it's not as big of a company as Head or Wilson or Babolat is, just so I could be treated differently.
I'm just looking in a performance in the racquet. You know, I'm getting what I need from Technifibre, and I'm really happy about it.

Q. At this level, how much of the game is mental? How would you assess your mental strength?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: My mental strength is better this year because of the determination that I want to improve. You know, if you just go out there and try to enjoy the game and the sport and whatever, which everybody's trying to do, it's a different thing. You're not as tough as you should be on court.
But when you have certain goals, good things are happening to you because you're making the right decisions without making an effort, you know. Just you are doing the right thing just naturally, you know.
So the mental toughness, it's one part of it. It comes to you completely naturally because of the decisions you make along the way - off court and on court.

Q. If you play Novak, the fans in Serbia are watching. Who do you think they'll be cheering for?
JANKO TIPSAREVIC: Honestly, I feel that it's going to be shared. You know, nobody will cheer against a Serbian guy. Maybe a few of them more for me because I'm obviously a big underdog in that match and everybody's generally cheering for an underdog, but I don't think it's going to be -- you know, I would say 50/50, really.

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