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September 9, 2011

Melanie Oudin

Jack Sock


7-6, 4-6, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: Questions for our 2011 US Open mixed doubles champions.

Q. Jack, it was almost as if it were a Saturday or Friday date night out there playing tennis. You seemed to be having a ball. What was it like, not the pressure, but how much fun were you having out there?
JACK SOCK: For me it was a lot of fun. I think that's kind of why we have been doing well this week. It's been like that all tournament for us, kind of just like playing loose, swinging, and having a good time.
I think that's where the success came from, too.

Q. America's got a chance to win a couple more titles here with Serena and Lisa Raymond and Liezel. You won the first title. What's that make you feel like? You set the stage. A couple of kids set the stage out here.
MELANIE OUDIN: Feels pretty good knowing that Liezel and Lisa are in the finals as well, and Vania also, another American.
Um, but, yeah, it's pretty cool. Just we kinda can't believe that we actually won a Grand Slam. Like I have a title now. Especially because like we said, we didn't even know if we were going to be able to play mixed doubles here because we didn't know if we would get a wildcard.
And then match point down the first match. So, yeah, we're just really excited.

Q. The strange thing, even though you're both young, here at least you've both in Ashe before, you both have been in some pressure situations before. In some ways do you both feel comfortable here?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, I haven't played this tournament probably as much as her or as many matches. But I think for me being able to play probably last year playing in the juniors for the full week and being able to play on the weekend probably made it more comfortable for me.
And playing last year in the first round of the men's it was definitely more comfortable for me this year to just go out and play and not have the same nerves or anything.
But, I mean, yeah, it's home. It's the American slam, so I think most Americans probably feel pretty comfortable.

Q. Did it remind you two years ago playing at Ashe today?
MELANIE OUDIN: Of course I have lots of memories from a couple years ago playing there. It's definitely nice every time I walk on the court. I think about everything.
But it was great to have another win on that court, especially with Jack, who I know pretty well. And, yeah, I mean, it's very exciting for us.

Q. How did this team evolve? Have you played much in the past together, or at all?
JACK SOCK: It's our first time. It's our first time. (Smiling.)

Q. What did you all discover about one another after playing this event almost two weeks out there that you didn't know before? Do you know one another better?
MELANIE OUDIN: I mean, yeah, I mean, we knew each other pretty well before. It was actually like really easy playing together, because we're really comfortable with each other. Um, kind of worked really well because he like jokes a lot when we're playing and he keeps me relaxed, and sometimes that's what I have been having trouble with, is staying relaxed playing.
Then I'm like very positive and stuff, and so that like helps him. Um, so I mean, yeah, I think we complement each other really well.

Q. This is mixed doubles, but does this take some pressure off you in singles because of having some success after the run here two years ago?
MELANIE OUDIN: I mean, of course winning any kind of like slam title is pretty huge no matter what it's in, especially like mixed doubles is pretty cool.
But, yeah, I mean, I feel like a lot more confident. I feel like I have been playing pretty well playing mixed doubles. A lot of those things, like my serve and returning is very important in singles.
I will have a lot more confidence I think going into my next singles matches coming up.

Q. You can't possibly know anything about the players that you've been playing, can you? I mean, there's no scouting reports. You have no idea what to do. How do you approach a match when you really have no experience with playing those kind of teams?
JACK SOCK: I mean, I think in general you kinda have a sense of doubles and how to play. I think obviously it's different when you're playing with a girl because you don't have the same type of like -- sometimes they'll stay back or something or not move as much.
But it's like in general, just, I mean, you're out there playing tennis still. I mean, like the Americans I knew Bob a little bit; I played Bob before. She has obviously practiced and played with Liezel. Generally don't know much about them, but you just go out and play and try to have a good time and see how it goes.

Q. So it's now a permanent partnership between you two? You gonna be playing in Australia and all the way next year?
MELANIE OUDIN: We won't get into Australia unless somehow we get a wildcard. I don't know if they give a wildcard to like a Grand Slam champion in mixed doubles.
But, yeah, next year for sure we'll be back here hopefully to defend the title.

Q. How are you guys going to celebrate tonight or tomorrow?
JACK SOCK: Pack. What time is it?

Q. Go out to dinner?
MELANIE OUDIN: It's late already.
JACK SOCK: I can't make it. Chipotle is going to close in 20 minutes. Dinner and then hang out with my family and friends.

Q. What exactly happened at 9-6 in the tiebreak? There was the review on that second serve. What happened there?
MELANIE OUDIN: Well, he missed his first serve; second serve let cord; and then they called it out. Then they challenged and it was in, and then they got a first serve all over again.
I didn't really know the rule on that.
JACK SOCK: Seemed suspect to me.
MELANIE OUDIN: Yeah, kinda wish they would have called it in because it was let cord anyway, then it would have been second serve.
Then he hit two great serves and then it was 9-8. Jack was serving, so, I mean, it was a lot closer. We were trying to finish it 9-6, but it's all good. Jack hit a good serve. It's all good.
JACK SOCK: Thanks, thanks.

Q. He had a key double fault in the first set tiebreak; the only break in the tiebreak, I think; and then Dulko double-faulted at, was it 8-5?
MELANIE OUDIN: Uh-huh, I think so.
JACK SOCK: She did.

Q. So you guys never felt that there was any pressure that your serves were ever not going to go in?
JACK SOCK: I mean, I feel like I have been serving pretty well all week actually in mixed and even in singles, so I was actually -- I was very comfortable serving.
Other than that good game I had in the second set at 5-4, I felt like I served pretty well. But, I mean, I'd served out I think at least in one more match prior to this in mixed.
So, I mean, I actually felt pretty comfortable stepping up to the line and serving every time. She's been serving well. We have been making a lot of first serves, so, yeah.

Q. Were you confident when you knew that you had that serve coming, even if he held both of his to win the championship?
JACK SOCK: Yeah. I mean, like I said, I felt comfortable serving all week, so I think I was pretty positive about it and felt like I was probably hitting a good serve.

Q. Melanie, do you think looking at your singles run and this one two years ago and now, do they both come out of the blue, would you say, even in your opinion?
MELANIE OUDIN: Yeah, I mean, two years ago it definitely was kind of out of nowhere, and this, I would say, was even more out of nowhere because, I mean, we were wildcards and we were down match point.
We, I mean, kinda both didn't look past the second round because we played Liezel and Bob. And then it just kind of like happened. But I think that's sometimes what happens when you're down match point or something you win 11-9, third-set breaker.
Sometimes like getting through that, like a little bit lucky here and there, and who knows? You can end up winning the title.

Q. Now that you're slam champions, how much real gender doubles do you see yourselves playing on the tour, WTA and the ATP?
JACK SOCK: I always love to play doubles. I try to play doubles every tournament I play, especially when you have the day off. I think it's very good practice for the next day's match or whatever.
I've always grown up playing doubles, and I'll probably continue in the future for sure playing doubles.
MELANIE OUDIN: Yeah, same here. It's hard to get into doubles in a lot of the tournaments, though, because I feel like only 13 teams are accepted and they're not using -- like the guys use their singles ranking; women don't.
It's really hard to get in. But hopefully this year I will be playing a lot more women's doubles if I can get in.

Q. You have done a lot with the fan interaction with the kids and stuff. What's that been like for you guys? You guys have been great for the fans and with the kids. They run up to you guys on the grounds. What's that experience been like?
JACK SOCK: Take it away.
MELANIE OUDIN: Okay, it's been pretty cool. We've been to Smash Zone a couple times playing mini tennis with the kids. I think they can really relate to us because we're a little bit younger than some of the other players.
But it's fun. I enjoy doing those things. They come out and watch, so it's not a big deal. They'll stay and like sign some autographs after matches.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, same for me. I think even growing up I was always kinda doing stuff with kids, and even now I usually try to help out if they need it or anything like that.
I enjoy it. It's fun for me, too. So, yeah, it's a good time.

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