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May 26, 2001

Jason Arnott

Chris Drury

Dan Hinote

Scott Niedermayer


Q. After having played 18 straight games against teams in the East, in the Playoffs you get to the West, club skating like Colorado; is there a huge adjustment to make?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Yeah, there is definitely adjustments to make. I think last year was a bit more a positioning type series, being in the right spots. Colorado team, everybody is really skating, so we are going to have to pick it up.

Q. You find yourself in a hole after two periods; what adjustments will you have to make?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: It's the nature of a 7-game series, we have to play hard, try and get things going our way. That's what we are going to try to do here in the third period, build off that. If we can get it close, that is great.

Q. Set up 2-0 goal for the Avalanche tonight; drew the penalty, that forced 4-on-4 situation which, Joe Sakic scored. What is it with your ability to force the opposition independently, because you have been doing a fair amount of it in the Playoffs?

DAN HINOTE: I am not sure actually. I use my speed, get in on the play sometimes. I gain position, if that's the case sometimes, got to put their stick on me and sometimes the ref calls it; sometimes they don't. But that is hockey, they will take some runs at me, and that's probably part of the game too.

Q. Outshooting the Devils. Explain the dominating effort that some people wouldn't have foreseen?

DAN HINOTE: I think we are doing little things right, getting the puck deep and forechecking, trying to keep the puck away from Brodeur because he is really going at playing it. That sometimes means our forecheck, if we can keep it away from him, we can get decent forecheck going, that's what we have been doing so far.

Q. Tell us about your goal in the second period.

CHRIS DRURY: It was great by John Klemm, working hard, chips it down, Ville makes a great pass to me, I am just throwing it into the net there.

Q. Give us a sense of the team now from scoreless prior to the game to having a 3-nothing lead, what changes, if anything?

CHRIS DRURY: I think we got to keep playing on our toes. I think we shouldn't change a thing, certainly not a time to sit back and coast, keep going harder and good things will happen.

Q. Pretty good effort by the captain?

CHRIS DRURY: He has been playing great. He is on fire; give him the puck when we can, I guess.

Q. How much is this a case of your game is not in sync or is Colorado playing so well?

JASON ARNOTT: It is tough. Especially we just got here yesterday, the air is a little bit tough out there, but there is no excuses in this game. They are playing extremely well. We need four lines to go - it is not clicking right now. We will come out stronger in the third.

Q. Any effect, they play more physical game than the last opponent; getting used to that?

JASON ARNOTT: A little bit. They are a lot more physical, a lot more aggressive and things like that, so, we will just have to make a few adjustments, go out there in the third and try to come back.

Q. Powerplay have to get going?

JASON ARNOTT: Yeah, we are struggling a little bit, gripping our sticks a little bit too much. We are making good passes, getting good shots on Patrick, he is making the saves.

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