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September 5, 2011

Johnson Wagner


Q. How aware of your position were you out there?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I knew it was going to be close. I figured I needed a top 25. Played a great shot into 17 and missed the putt and had an easy two-putt there and got a little greedy with the eagle. Yeah, I think I'm 69 right now. I want to play. I'm playing great. With the wind it's tough out there, so I like my chances of moving up as opposed to dropping. But 18 is a pretty easy pin playing downwind, 17 is gettable, 16 is gettable, so you never know.

Q. Were you doing a lot of scoreboard watching today? Did you know where you were?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Not really, no. I kind of avoided it for a while and caught it on -- we made bogey on 14, caught it on 15, kind of knew I was still right there, 30th place or so, and birdied 16, figured that was really good, a couple more birdies coming in would solidify it. I hit the shots. I burned all my putts on my six-footers for par earlier today and just couldn't make those last two coming in.

Q. What's the feeling now that it's sort of out of your control?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I just had the easiest putt from the first cut putting it from 30 feet for eagle, and I just had to dribble it down there and gassed it and ran it by and hit a terrible birdie putt. I'm pretty upset actually, ready to break something.
I fought hard all day, so it would be a real shame if I didn't get in that top 70. I've had a good year. If I don't make it I'll go home and spend some time with the family.

Q. Have you been in this position before in years past?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, 2008 I think I was 50th going into Barclays, missed the cut, ended up dropping to pretty much where I am now, 88 starting the week, and finished 11th or 12th or something here and moved way up. So yeah, I mean, I've been here. I like this golf course. It plays so great on the weekend when the weather is good. It's firm and fast and the wind is blowing. It's just right up my alley.

Q. Will you go and watch TV?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I'm going to go shower. I've got a 5:00 flight. I'm going to get out of here and watch it on my phone all afternoon, sweat it out. It's like a Friday cut, sweating out a Friday cut.
I mean, it's tough out there. It's just the last hole is playing easy. But hey, I'd rather shoot 2-under and be in 67th than projected 90th right now. I gave myself that chance. Would have been nice to make that eagle and move up to 50th or something.

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