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September 3, 2011

Adam Scott


DOUG MILNE: We'd like to welcome Adam Scott to the interview room after quite the successful second round, 8-under 63, here at the Deutsche Bank Championship, site of your first PGA TOUR win in 2003. If you could maybe run us through the round and kind of what's going right.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Do you want me to actually go through each hole?

Q. Just the good ones. Just kind of some thoughts on the round and what kind of clicked for you.
ADAM SCOTT: I got off to a good start and was playing well, I felt, at the start of the week. Yesterday I just didn't take advantage of it. I actually putted poorly for the first time in a while.
And today turned it around, so was happy to take advantage of it because you don't play -- feel that good about everything that often, so you need to take advantage, so I'm happy to put myself in the hunt because I need a good week to move up this FedExCup. I'm running out of time quick.

Q. What do you remember about that first win in '03 and what it was like, and is there still any sentiment left over from that when you show up at this place?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think so. I mean, only --

Q. Seem like a long time ago?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it does, yeah. Yes and no. When you think about all the golf we've played since then, it's a long time ago. But I don't know, I can still remember a lot about it. It was a great week and very exciting for me. I just remember playing so well here. But it's a different golf course these days.
But I think I've had great support here since then every time I've come back. Really, the people up here have been very supportive of me, which I appreciate a lot, so it makes me look forward to coming back.

Q. Can you just describe the eagle on 18, and how did that set you up for the front nine?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, the eagle on 18 was kind of very pretty actually. I hit a really nice soft driver off the tee because it was a little downwind and took a little bit off it and hit a nice 5-iron and used the slope to kind of feed it down into that back spot, and then rolled in maybe a 30-footer, 25-, 30-footer or something, so it was pretty textbook on how you'd like to play the hole. It was a nice eagle.

Q. And setting you up for the next one?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it got things kick-started absolutely. The 1st hole was, I believe -- the 18th was pretty, but then from there on it was really good. I putted so well early in the front nine, made everything I looked at.

Q. Since the U.S. Open do you recall a stretch recently where you've played so consistently well or with this much confidence or where you've at least given yourself a remotely good shot at getting in the mix on the weekend? Seems like a really good, sustained stretch.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it is. Everything is in a good place. You know, putting is obviously a big part of that, but I also feel like my short game is continuing to improve throughout the year. You know, this week I've felt really that my swing felt as good as it has been all year for whatever reason, and at times it's felt pretty good this year. It feels really good at the moment, very comfortable.
But yeah, I haven't had all parts of my game feeling this good over a period of time for a long time, and that's probably why I'm able to keep up the good play.

Q. You said you remembered a lot from 2003 here. Anything in particular stand out? Relief? Was it relief? You were waiting to win one at that point.
ADAM SCOTT: A little bit. I wasn't even a member of the TOUR. That's how I got my membership. I was a sponsor's invite, I think, for the week, so -- you know, just to be in the mix of a PGA TOUR event was really the big buzz for me. It was a big deal, obviously, at the time. To beat Tiger was a big deal. I think that's probably the first time I ever did it, so it felt pretty good.

Q. And then you were part of that three-ball the next year, too, were you not?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I kind of snuck in the back door on that deal, but still, I posted a number, but those guys were obviously playing so good, and Vijay was on that mission to become No. 1. I've always enjoyed playing here. It's a good -- sets up well for me. I mean, the old course did, and I particularly like playing this course now.

Q. I was going to ask you also, you had a stretch two, three, four years ago where you were very consistent throughout the year and picked up maybe one win. Are you headed in that direction again? And secondly, is that what you would strive for, and how would you compare that to a year like a Bubba Watson who's only got three top 10s but two of them are wins but otherwise has kind of --
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's tough to say. I don't know what's more satisfying. I always have based success on winning, but I think if you're playing at that consistent level and you're doing all the right things that go with that, there's a sense that you can win more than once, or twice even. I think that's where I'm looking to get to is to keep -- make winning a bit of a habit.
I think I played so consistently well, I was very confident in that last stretch. But this stretch I think the confidence is building, and I think all the other areas of my game are better than what they were before. So there's been improvement, so I think it's a good opportunity for me to not only play consistently but try and win a bit more often.

Q. Nothing to do with your round today per se, but just wondering what your thoughts were on the new ten-year contract and the fact that in the worst economic climate since the depression, they got more money out of the networks at a time when Tiger Woods hasn't won in two years. It seems like a pretty magical bit of stuff conjured up by the Commissioner there.
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. From a player's point of view, it's great news. We feel like we're going to have somewhere to play at least for another ten years or so, so that's great. I wish I had a ten-year card right now. I'll have to work on that.
But it is good to see because obviously Tim has done an incredible job the last 15 years or so, and to take advantage of things in the good times is good business, but to be able to do a deal like this in not such great economic times obviously is showing his value and how good a businessman he is and keeping the TOUR in such a good place. So it's exciting, I think.
Obviously, too, people must be seeing there is more than just one guy out here, and that's good for the game on the whole, too.

Q. How far did you drop last week in the standings?
ADAM SCOTT: I dropped ten spots.

Q. From what to what?
ADAM SCOTT: 13 to 23, I think.

Q. You're impressing a lot of people in Ponte Vedra right now. Is there any part of you that -- I've got to think you just went all guns last week on Saturday because you were --
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, yeah, no, I didn't. I was playing fine, and 12 through 17 I basically -- I don't know, I think Steve (Williams) played those holes for me.

Q. Careful.
ADAM SCOTT: That's what he said to me, "It looks like I'm playing out here. What are you doing?" There was like one shot every hole that you just shook your head at. I don't know what happened. It was like I was asleep.

Q. Just had a bad stretch?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, just had a bad stretch, and I actually made good putts to limit the damage. Yeah, that's the game. You've got to take the bad with the good.

Q. When you said that you didn't take advantage yesterday, were you burning edges? Were you just misreading putts, and then what worked today?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I wasn't really. I mean, I had so many chances, and I was misreading them and not really hitting great putts. So after a few of them, they became weak putts and I wasn't reading them well at all. Two three-putts at the end of the round from nowhere, really, was -- had me leaving the course shaking my head a bit because I felt like I should have been three or four better without asking too much at all, making a few short putts. I've just been doing the same stuff. I just kept doing the drill that I always do yesterday, and today it was flowing nicely.
DOUG MILNE: Before we cut you loose, you talked about 18. If you wouldn't mind running us through your other birdies and give us some descriptions.
ADAM SCOTT: 11th hole, I hit a 4-iron to about 20 feet and made it.
The 15th hole, I hit a 3-wood and a wedge to about five feet.
The 2nd hole, I hit a driver in the fairway bunker, 9-iron, then a pitching wedge to 15 feet.
The 4th hole, I hit a driver just off to the right of the green and chipped up to about four feet.
5th hole, I hit a driver and a pitching wedge to six feet.
And the 7th hole, I hit a driver and a hybrid club on the green and two-putted from 50 feet.
DOUG MILNE: Adam, we appreciate your time, as always, and best of luck the next couple rounds.

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