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September 2, 2011

Keegan Bradley


KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was a good round. A little nerve wracking out there, but it was good.

Q. Really? It was nerve wracking because you're in your hometown with all your friends watching?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was a little bit more intense just because I want to play well in front of these guys, in front of my family. But I had a good round. I had such a good group today. It was very relaxing.

Q. Take me through the 7th hole. Very few times do you see a player take a drop in the bunker.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, my ball plugged and I couldn't even see it, and we dug it out, and we thought that if I dropped it wouldn't plug. It was pretty firm. It's just a chance you take, and then I hit one of the best shots of my life.

Q. And you putted well the entire day, 27 putts on the round?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, thank God I putted well. It was a little bit of a funky day ball-striking wise, but that's what you've got to do out here. You've got to score when you don't play your best. I'm very happy.

Q. Are you enjoying the week, or is the mind too cluttered with all the fans to really enjoy?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I got to throw out the first pitch the other day and I was at the Patriots game last night, so it's the most fun week I could ask for, I think.

Q. Any concerns at all about how this week was going to affect your game?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, a little bit. I was very tired last night, and then this morning I woke up and I was pretty tired. I got up at 5:00. But I've got all afternoon and all day tomorrow to rest up. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I enjoyed it.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the last few days?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: You know, just meeting the guys on the Red Sox and the Patriots, how nice they are and how they kind of look at me as one of their own. It's really, really fun to be in that kind of inside group. As a little kid it was a dream of mine to just go to the games, let alone meet the guys.

Q. How did you feel about the reception you got out there? A ton of family members.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was great. I didn't expect that many people. It's very, very nice to get that type of support. My family has always given me that support, and to see my Aunt Pat out there with all my uncles, it was very, very cool.

Q. How much was required from you in terms of family tickets?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was about 30 to 50 tickets a day, I think. My mom actually took over for me on that. If people would ask me for tickets, I would say, "Talk to my mom." That's the bonus of being in your hometown. She's taken charge of all that.

Q. Is this as close to a home game as you're going to get?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, this is as close to a home game -- I grew up -- I lived down the road, and my family, my dad's side, lives very close to here.

Q. At the end of the day your aunt and your dad were great golfers. Do they give you any critiques, or do they just kind of let you have at it?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, they don't really say anything. My aunt will stay as clear from me as anybody. She doesn't want to get in the way. I noticed my dad had a mic on. He enjoyed himself. It's cool. It's cool to look in the gallery and see everybody out there.

Q. The success you have, it seems it's also drawing some media attention toward Aunt Pat a little bit. Can you talk about that?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, yeah. You know, Pat was a huge part of my career. She helped me a lot. It's nice to see Pat in the news. She deserves it. She had a Hall of Fame career, one of the best careers ever, and it's nice to see she's getting some more recognition for what she did. Now I can understand winning six majors and 40 times would be taxing on anybody. It's just remarkable.

Q. You've done a lot of interacting with the public since your win, taking the trophy around to various places and so forth. Have you enjoyed that? Has that been fun?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. I wanted to do kind of what they did to the Stanley Cup and just kind of take it around. For about three or four days I took it wherever I went and I'd put it right next to me. People would come over, and I'd say, grab it, hold it. It was cool to look at their faces when they were holding the trophy. They looked like they were staring at a ghost or something. For me it was cool to see the look on their faces. I just kind of wanted it to be like the Stanley Cup with some people that will never have the chance to touch it, grab it.

Q. I saw a Twitter photo with a little kid that was looking at the Cup and looking at you like, what's this?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, a lot of people think it's the Stanley Cup, believe it or not. It's a huge trophy. A couple times will kids will come up to me and ask me what that trophy is. That's what she did. But little kids get to hold it, touch it. It's cool.

Q. I spoke with your high school coach a couple weeks ago and he said he was having a hard time getting in touch with you. Were you guys able to reconnect?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, Coach (Dick) Bliss was hounding me for tickets, I know that. It's been a crazy week. Like even on the golf course today, I remembered two people I didn't respond to last night, and it's just difficult. I mean, it's part of the learning process for me staying ahead of it. But yeah, I saw Coach Bliss. He found me. He's all set up. He's probably in the clubhouse somewhere.

Q. Any thoughts on Phil using the long putter?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: You know, I think that the belly putter is a great way to putt. I think that any way Phil putts, he'd make anything. But it's really an honor to have Phil talk to me about anything in terms of the game. I even hesitate saying anything to him because he's one of my heroes. It's just a proud moment for me to get a call from Phil and hear from him.

Q. What did you like about your round today and what are some shots or holes that maybe you'd like to have back?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I didn't particularly drive it that way, but I chipped and putted really, really well. I made a lot of good putts, and even the putts I missed I almost made. Like the putt on the last hole was dead center. If I could just get some ball-striking going, I think I can shoot a pretty low number.

Q. What happened on 18?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Oh, on 18 I actually hit a perfect drive right down the middle. I mean, it was right down my line, perfect, and it just trickled into the bunker. I just had a bad lie. It was just a bad shot after that, and it just resulted in a bogey.

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