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May 19, 2003

Daniel Alfredsson

Patrick Lalime

Jason Spezza


Q. Jason you are the man of the hour, I think, by the way everybody is talking. What does it mean to you to come into a must-win situation and produce the way you?

JASON SPEZZA: Obviously going into I knew it was an important game and this is big for us we're only getting started now, we've got a long way to go because they are a great hockey team, but obviously it feels good to come in and help contribute.

Q. Daniel, talk a little bit about the guy on his left?

DANIEL ALFREDSSON: He came in and played awesome. It is a very tough situation to come in and he handled it real well, I thought. He worked himself great into the game. Made smart plays and played with poise. Great in the faceoff circle, you know, he's great for us on the powerplay. We have been struggling there. He opens up a lot of space and this is a team where I think -- Chris had to step out tonight; did a great job for us all Playoffs. We had trouble scoring goals and Jason, great offensive player,.

Q. I wondered if you could tell us what the most difficult part of the situation was for you tonight? Was it nerves? Was it figuring out who you were playing with? What was the most difficult part for you because you seemed to overcome it very easily?

JASON SPEZZA: I think it's just the pace of the game. We have been working extremely hard and we have all been biting at the bit, all the guys have been great in keeping their spirits up. Once you get out there, first period, it's coming fast. Actually I got hit pretty hard in one of my first shifts, kind of got me into it. Kind of opened my eyes and said let us go now.

Q. That first big save off the chest back early in the hockey game, how important was that for you?

PATRICK LALIME: Well, it was nice. Kind of broken play. Took a shot and got his own rebound. It is one of those where you scramble for it, you just want to put your body in front. Lucky for me, he kind of shot, didn't lift it high enough.

Q. Jason could you have scripted tonight any better?

JASON SPEZZA: Well, I don't think so. I think it's -- most important thing was getting the win. That was my first goal. I think the whole goal in the whole dressing room, obviously it's nice to come in and contribute, but I am just happy to be here playing with these group of guys. Like I said, we have got a lot of work do still and I think we're up for it.

Q. Did you learn just before game time?

JASON SPEZZA: Yeah. This morning I didn't know what was going on, they told me I was going to warm up, not right before game time, but when I got to the rink this afternoon they told me, and I just tried to keep my same routine I did all year, and not get too nervous; not worry too much about it because I knew these guys were going to be here to support me.

Q. Daniel, what does this mean to the Senators, this victory, it erases a lot -- you guys continue to erase a lot of your Playoff trouble in the past. Now you are no longer 0 and 6 when facing elimination. How big is this victory?

DANIEL ALFREDSSON: We don't really care too much about what has happened in the past. We're focused on what our task is now and what is ahead of us. Losing both games in New Jersey -- they are a great team, haven't lost at home in the Playoffs. We know we play good at home. We knew we were going to get a good effort tonight and we needed to get some bounces and we did tonight. I thought we played a really good game. And so we did in New Jersey Game 4, but we need to play even better now going into New Jersey. It is going to be a real tough test for us, and if we can have everybody going in the same way we did tonight, I think we'll have a good chance.

Q. Jason, what was it that would have been going through your head before taking your first shift tonight and what will you be your personal celebration in taking kind of a big step in your career in something you can be proud of and look back on?

JASON SPEZZA: I think I just try and stay calm, like I said, I kept my routine. It was exciting, obviously, you know, you see the crowd going wild, it is fun to be a part of. We can't worry too much about this game and the most important thing for me now is kind have to park it, move on, focus on the next game. They are a great hockey team and this is going to be great for tonight, but once I wake up tomorrow it is a totally new day, I am starting fresh.

Q. You seemed to be seeing the puck very well tonight. What was the difference between Game 4 and tonight for you?

PATRICK LALIME: Well, doesn't take much. I think our D did a great job letting me see the pucks - always easier when you can see it. I have got to find a way to see it. The goal, I am not really sure what happened. Someone told me it might have got tipped, too. I didn't see it.

It is the way I like to play, shoot the puck, put traffic in front, and they just hope it goes in.

Q. You said this morning that you weren't looking to be a saviour for a day and a half. Do you feel like one?

JASON SPEZZA: No I don't think so. The guys played great. I contributed a little bit, but I won't go that far. I think we got a great team here. I was just helping along the way tonight.

Q. Could you run through that goal for us?

JASON SPEZZA: It was off faceoff and kind of won it clean and really went "D" to "D". Philly made an unbelievable play. I was just finishing off his work for him; to spot me in the high slot like that, it was pretty easy work for me.

Q. Jason can you describe how the guys treated you leading up to the time once they knew you were in the lineup; talk to you, leave you alone, did you get any phone calls? Talk to anybody before the game, maybe your agent, other people who might have had some words for you?

JASON SPEZZA: The guys have been great all along. When you are not playing you really need the guys to kind of keep you feeling a part of it. The other guys that I have been skating with and Rob Ray and Shane Hnidy, Jody Hull, Peter Schastlivy, those guys, they have been awesome. We have worked really hard, stayed focused, but before the game the guys were great. Tried to keep it loose. I try not get too tense. I am pretty loose before games. I didn't want to change my routine too much.

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