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August 28, 2011

George Coetzee


Q. 11-under, do you think that has a chance or is it one or two shy.
GEORGE COETZEE: Definitely I wanted to get to 12 or 13 to really have a shot at this. I'm happy with 11-under but obviously I would have liked one or two more.

Q. Going into position with two par 5s to play, you must have thought, if you can post a number to make them think about you --
GEORGE COETZEE: I thought maybe just one would be enough, because it's playing kind of across and into the wind and it not easy to get there and tough pin position. I thought maybe just I needed one -- I thought I could sneak it on the par 3 out of the three of them. I guess I can't complain after the first one, I'm quite happy just to be here.

Q. 4-over par for 27 holes; what changed?
GEORGE COETZEE: Well, I was 6-over after 17. No, I don't know, just clicked, and the first day, I was just rusty. I took a month off after The Open and coming back, I wasn't playing really well. Just hitting some balls after the first day, I've kind of started clicking and started feeling better and thought maybe I could just try and make the cut; I had plans to go to London for the weekend. Sometimes it just clicks and you've got to just take it as it comes.

Q. We had this conversation a bit yesterday but to go from 77 on the first day to finish where you have, that's tremendous, isn't it?
GEORGE COETZEE: I've been trying to figure out, actually, I'm 16-under for the last three round, if only I just take level par or something -- I guess would have turned out different. But I can't complain. Happy to be here and happy to be playing and looking forward to next week actually as well.

Q. On this final first, you've got it going, didn't you. Did you sense yourself having a chance there?
GEORGE COETZEE: Yeah, I knew it was just about making putts. I mean, I'm very disappointed with the two putts on the last two holes. They were terrible, terrible attempts. But I think the putt on 16 was actually the one that needed to go in because that was probably my last good stroke of the day.
But no, I can't complain. Just one or two more shots, and could have been a different story, but we never know.

Q. You were saying your head was not entirely there on the first day but you certainly have been for the next three?
GEORGE COETZEE: Funny how it works out. After the break, I couldn't focus, at all. I didn't have a clue and all of a sudden I started playing a little better and all of a sudden it clicks and I start trotting along and feel better about what I'm doing. Obviously it's a good turn for the best.

Q. And it seems like it worked out playing with Joel Sjöholm there in the final round with his wet feet from the first hole?
GEORGE COETZEE: Yeah, he's a character. I mean, it's great fun to play with him. He keeps you happy no matter what happens.

Q. That is important out there, isn't it
GEORGE COETZEE: Yeah, it's always nice to play with someone as friendly as him.

Q. How do you fancy this will turn out, just waiting in case somebody drops back?
GEORGE COETZEE: I'm going to hang around but just because The European Tour said the top three need to be at the prizegiving, but in case something else pops up I'll be ready to go.

Q. Bodes well for the season and what's to come?
GEORGE COETZEE: I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get to The Race to Dubai but it's tough to have half goals, you're not certain about what you need. Hopefully I think I settled it now.

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