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August 28, 2011

Stephen Gallacher


Q. Sum up not just the round but the championship as a whole?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It was a good week for me. I played well, a lot of positive, putted well. Just a shame about the 8th in the first round. But just good to get back in contention even having that.

Q. Looking at the double bogey on Thursday, do you think that's cost you the championship?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: No. Not really. You can't tell, can you. Could have parred out and bogeyed other holes. 72 holes, it's not one hole.

Q. After the bogey on the first you just started making birdies for fun?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Played lovely today again. Just disappointed, got a really bad lie on 15 through the fairway and that kind of scuppered my tracks a wee bit. I was on a good roll there and got such a bad lie. I couldn't even get on the green from 135 yards. That was really the turning point I thought.

Q. You've been working a lot with Bob Torrance on your putting this week. Is that beginning to bear fruit?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, I'm working with Bob, and done a wee bit with Dean Robertson as well. Just everything has come together. Played lovely in Ireland. Played lovely this week so hopefully can keep it going.

Q. I know there's a lot of golf between now and the end of November, but yourself and Martin Laird playing for Scotland in the World Cup?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Just honoured to play for your country, really, at any level. The sooner the better it comes and really looking forward to it.

Q. 15 was the turning point, just a bad lie?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I hit it 330 right through the fairway and it was almost casual water but I couldn't get it and it was sitting right down. Couldn't even hit it left of the green because of the angle I was coming so I had a go at it and just hit the lip and came back in the bunker. If I went for it. Worst I could have had was bogey, if par, and got chances coming in. I gave myself chances. I've done as well as I could. So cannot really complain.

Q. Even with the eight 8, getting so close must be pleasing for you.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: The 8 was just a freak there, just one bad drive. I think had hit the cart path and nobody's seen it. So one of these things that happens over the year. Apart from that, it was good to get in contention and be right up there again on a Sunday.

Q. Ireland and now here.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: The more you do it, you have a chance of knocking one off yourself.

Q. Ryder Cup qualifying starts next week, do you see it as a big year ahead?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, yeah, it's been a long year, isn't it. You put yourself out and you're going to miss tournaments, you're going to play tournaments. You've got to be really special. You've got to be getting into the Top-50s and getting into the World events to be competing for Ryder Cup really. That's the target. If I keep playing like, that anyway.

Q. Did you have a chance there on the 18th, the approach?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I just hit it a wee bit through -- I thought I was confident on it. Just never broke really.

Q. Your driving must be good this week as well.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I hit a few ropey ones but it was good, yeah. Got lucky at the last. Hit it through the trees but apart from, that I drove the ball good. I got a new set of irons in the bag this week and they were really good.

Q. Will you give the putter back to Jack?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: No, the putter is staying. I made a trade off.

Q. With the grip as well?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: As well. No point, is there. Might change the feeling of it.

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