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August 28, 2011

Bernd Wiesberger


BERND WIESBERGER: Getting myself in the playoff, I wouldn't have expected to -- I with definitely have take ten coming into the week. Struggled a bit last week my game and happy with the way I handled myself on the weekend. I thought if I could shoot 7-under starting on Saturday morning, it would be maybe good enough but today the guys all played pretty decent golf. It's great to get into the playoff and just a good experience.

Q. Played pretty decent golf particularly at the closing stretch with those couple of birdies to come home just to make it interesting.
BERND WIESBERGER: I was teasing myself a bit with a couple of tough lies and wayward shots, so to get around those last four or five holes in 2-under, get myself in contention, I was very happy -- I didn't look at the leaderboards and I didn't know Mark was dropping back to where it was at the end and obviously unfortunate for him to make a bogey on the last, you don't want to see that.
But no, it was a great finish. Obviously that chip-in gave a bit of momentum to me and was good, and I hit a good putt on 16 which was great as well. So, yeah, nice week.

Q. And I presume even at the start of play today, you thought, you've got an opportunity here, if the leaders falter, for instance.
BERND WIESBERGER: Well, always on a course like this, it's not as straightforward, you have to hit good tee shots and when it's windy with lots of crosswind drives, it's tough. You know, obviously the greens are not the best but I have grown up on greens which are not the best, so I actually play good on those and I enjoy this, and try not to get too down from a bad green, everybody has those. And yeah, it was just a great experience to be out there.

Q. And the playoff itself, very difficult hole to contend across, isn't it.
BERND WIESBERGER: Straight into the wind off the tee and first on the tee box, as well. Four or five tee shots, maybe settled a little bit -- see what the other guys do, but you know, just one bad swing, and I'm sure I'm going to get myself into contention again and maybe lift the trophy one day. So I'm happy with my game today, and with my week. And happy to be hopefully on Tour again next year with that result.
I would have taken a playoff starting the day, because that means I'm in contention, so I'm happy with that. Obviously I hope we can build up on this, another second place in a couple of weeks. It's just a big pressure off my shoulders. Obviously I have not done great until Ireland, but those two weeks, I'm happy with how I handled myself on Sunday and I'll build on that.

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