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August 28, 2011

Mark Foster


Q. What's the verdict, then.
MARK FOSTER: Probably a tough time to get a good one. Yeah, I mean, just I honestly felt like I made a good swing off 18 the first time around. Just a game of fractions, you know. And it's just -- well, just needed a break. Wasn't that bad a tee shot. You seen two in the playoff, those trees out, it's an easy five, it's gone behind the base of the tree and you are behind the 8-ball as they say. Just couldn't get it to the fairway. Couldn't get a lie to get the third shot.
Just spoke for itself. I played good. Greens were tricky. I didn't hole one putt. Again, I holed one putt in two days, and I'm out in a playoff. So you know, I've got to -- I've just got to keep going. I mean, I've chipped in on 9 and not had won one putt in 36 holes, and lost in a playoff. So I mean, the golf I'm playing, is second to none really.

Q. I presume you're proud on yourself, the play you played, playing with a smile on your face --
MARK FOSTER: I did. I made a conscious effort. I was going to go out and, well, enjoy myself, yes. I knew the job at hand and I did a pretty good job of it. Just you know, 9, you think you should birdie, that you miss the fairway and all of a sudden it's quite a tough five.
The leaderboard, that's how it is. You wait all day, you make a birdie in a playoff and two other people make one. It's the game. It will come. But I've just got to keep playing the same.

Q. Memories of South Africa when you went back down the fairway?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, same tournament director, as well, so it did cross my mind but the luck wasn't there. I saw Willy in there and I said, you know, my lucky charm, so I've crossed him off my Christmas card list. I don't want to see him again after that. (Chuckling).
Yeah, it did cross my mind, but you know, I did a good job of getting myself up for the playoff to be honest. It wasn't the easiest driving down there and played some good holes in there.

Q. And obviously a very good year, isn't it, this.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, like I said I'm not going home with my tail between my legs. I think there's better to come, I do.

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