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August 28, 2011

George Coetzee


Q. What's your verdict now?
GEORGE COETZEE: Well, I guess Thomas -- at least I think I did well. I stayed with it. I'm quite happy with the way I handled it and obviously first real playoff, me and Pablo were in a five a way playoff before but obviously this is the first one for the win but I'll take second place, it's an improvement on my best finish. Next time I'll go one better. Hopefully.

Q. Looked like you really enjoyed sudden death on a couple of holes that you holed for birdie were terrific.
GEORGE COETZEE: I love it. There's no greater feeling in the world than making -- I would have loved to make that 1-putt now. I would have loved it.
But unfortunately it's a tough read, tough putt to read the line on. But I'm quite happy with the way things went. And obviously I should learn a lot from it and hopefully finish it off next time.

Q. And that long one was not far adrift, you have to make your putt for the win.
GEORGE COETZEE: I told myself, I'm going to give it a go but don't rush it, don't hit it six-foot past. Make him putt it. It's not a gimmie. I've seen people miss putts like that, but yeah, Thomas did unbelievably well.

Q. We spoke when you finished your round, at 11-under we were not entirely sure what would be happening from then.
GEORGE COETZEE: But I had a feeling. I walked to the putting green and I stood there for like 20 minutes and was like, all right, let's go to somewhere where I can watch it and when I saw the tee shot, I thought Mark, who was very unlucky to not have won -- because every time I play well he seals to be leading going into the last round, so it's a good omen for me. Hopefully Mark will finish one off soon and I will be there to fight him for it.

Q. Judging by the look on your face --
GEORGE COETZEE: I can't complain. I wasn't looking like making the cut and still here, so played a bit more holes than everybody else, so I can't complain.

Q. Tied second bodes very nicely for the rest of the year, Tour card, Race to Dubai?
GEORGE COETZEE: Love to see how much I make but hopefully it gets me into The Race to Dubai.

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