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August 28, 2011

A.J. Eathorne


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome A.J. Eathorne, Brittany Lincicome's caddie into the interview room. A.J., Brittany talked about the relationship you've had, and success you've had since caddying for her back in June, May, I guess at Sybase. Can you talk about the experience of caddying for Brittany and what this whole ride has been like?
A.J. EATHORNE: It's obviously a lot of fun. I never won on Tour myself, so it's kind of cool to say in one year I've been involved with two wins already. I guess I never really even thought that it would get that good so fast.
But it's just so much fun. It's easy with Brittany. She's got so much talent naturally that there's not a whole lot you really need to do besides playing and talk, and stay out of the way when she needs you out of the way.
THE MODERATOR: To have this victory in Canada and to be at home, what is that experience like for you?
A.J. EATHORNE: It's awesome. It's been a lot of fun this week just being a Canadian in Canada in a bit of the limelight and everything. The Canadian fans are so -- everyone's asking me why I'm not playing, and obviously there is a pretty good reason why I'm not playing right now. I've got a great job. I can be involved in a win, and I know my game is not where it needs to be to do that.
But it's nice to see the fans are so great. Canadian fans are always great. It's nice to be home and pretty special to get the win up here.

Q. If you compare it to other sports, when a team wins the Stanley Cup, the coach has his role in the victory. For you it probably hasn't sunk in quite yet, but this is a big win. It's almost considered a major.
A.J. EATHORNE: It is in our Canadian hearts, yeah. It's definitely a major.

Q. How much of a role do you think you played? What does it mean to you to win on Tour this time on the bag?
A.J. EATHORNE: It's awesome. Any time you get a win on the team on the ice in the Stanley Cup, you're behind the bench, a win is a win no matter what. But to be a part of the team, and Brittany's family is very supportive, and it's kind of cool to be part of that family.
It's always more special to be in Canada, no matter what. I'd love to play another five rounds.

Q. How did you come to get involved with Brittany as her caddie and how long have you been doing this?
A.J. EATHORNE: I actually stopped playing in '09, and I caddied for Kris Blanks on the PGA TOUR for a year and a half. Then we kind of split ways in May, and I think I just put on Facebook that I was looking for a new job. And she text me a couple days later and said do you want to work for me? And I said that sounds good, good fun.
Really wasn't a whole lot of paper shuffling or contract work. Obviously, you can see we're a little more on the humor side of things. I get fired every couple hours anyway, so maybe get hired back before Solheim would be fun.

Q. So this is your full-time thing now?
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, this is my full-time thing. I was kind of still (Indiscernible). I just keep floating around and I'm having fun whatever I do.

Q. Have you completely written off being a pro golfer or will you --
A.J. EATHORNE: I like my credential still says I'm a player. I can get into a little more places. Some people still thought I was a player this week, so it's easier to get a ride in a car.
No, I would never say I'm retired or anything like that. I'm just enjoying a different facet of being around the professional world right now.

Q. Tiger Woods is looking for a caddie.
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, I know.

Q. Not interested?
A.J. EATHORNE: No comment.

Q. Talk about the weather?
A.J. EATHORNE: It's awesome weather. Good, Canadian weather. Like Brittany said, never been in a hurricane, and it feels pretty close to one right now. We were very lucky to get done today. I think it's amazing how we did get done. We dodged a few pieces of tree falling out there, but it's amazing that we got done. I'm very thankful that we didn't have to stick around for tomorrow.

Q. Was it planned to try to score early in the round?
A.J. EATHORNE: Yes, Brittany's plan most of the time is make as many birdies as possible wherever they fall in the round. Obviously, she got a couple early which is great. I think it kept her a little bit more relaxed.
I think in the end I was just saying like pars are good, pars are good. For her to make some of those saves was unbelievable, she really can make some awesome putts and came in the clutch and made her the champion.

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