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August 27, 2011

Petra Cetkovska


C. WOZNIACKI/P. Cetkovska
6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Petra.

Q. Can you talk about the week you had here. Seven wins in a row before today. How do you feel going into the Open?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: As I said already before, I'm really, really happy. If somebody told me that, I repeat myself, I wouldn't believe it.
So I'm really happy to be here, to go so long, so far in the tournament. Now when we are in the final, we want to always go farther. So obviously I wanted to try to win, to do even better. But today it was just a little bit too much.
Caroline, she's just playing great. Yeah, I mean, I had a great week and I'm really, really happy for that.

Q. How did the delay affect you?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: The delay? No, there was nothing about the delay. I mean, it was one hour earlier, two hours later. I don't think for sure that this was the reason.

Q. Did they tell you if they were considering moving things inside? How close were you watching the hurricane?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: Yeah, we've been told since this morning that there is a high risk that we're going to play indoors. We even went both of us warm up indoors. We were watching the news about the hurricane.
Yeah, but finally he slowed down and there was no rain, so I think it was a good thing for the tournament to finish outside.

Q. Can you talk preparations going to New York? Are you worried about traveling into the storm? Are you staying here?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: No, we're going to leave as soon as possible. They said the rain and the wind should be coming only tomorrow. So we would like to get safe to the hotel as soon as possible.

Q. What makes Caroline so good?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: She's playing pretty smart. She does make you move a lot, yeah. She's a different tennis than the other girls, yeah.

Q. Did you have a strategy going into the game?
PETRA CETKOVSKA: Of course for every player or every game there is a solution. Today I didn't have it. I will learn from this match and maybe next time I might do a little bit. I'm not going to say I'm going to win next time, but I might try to do a little better than today. I will try.

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