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August 27, 2011

Stephen Gallacher


Q. 10-under par for the last 30 holes, tell us why your son is important to your putting at the moment?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, he's actually putterless at the moment. I was tweaking about the garage, and just picked up his putter for a laugh, and sort of still using it.

Q. So is he unhappy that he's lost his putter or what?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I'm sure he'll get another one. He's already ear marked another one he likes. I don't think it's a problem.

Q. You're using the belly putter before and made the transition, feels easy to you?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: First time I've putted normally for five years or something. I've just been working hard on it and changing my eye line and stuff like that and my balance. I thought the belly putter was moving a bit too much in the wind, so feel more stable with this.

Q. Give us a feel for how the back nine is playing, the leaders are just getting into it now?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: There are chances at the end but it's playing long. You're not getting much run, 12, 13 are tough holes, and 15 is a tough hole but you've got chances at 16 and 18.

Q. Haven't had a chance to talk to you since Martin Laird selected you to play with him in the World Cup in Scotland.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Any time to represent your country is great, especially when it's every two years. And Martin's up there in the World Rankings, so it's going to be good fun.

Q. Good position for tomorrow --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I had a look at the forecast and seen the weather, it's going to be 20 miles an hour so it was important to get a decent one in today because who knows tomorrow what the score could be.
A bit disappointed on the last, from the middle of the fairway just tweaked my 3-wood off the upslope. But I would have took that.

Q. You obviously speak about Saturday being moving day, you've certainly done, that are you now right in contention come tomorrow?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I'm in the mix for tomorrow, depends how these guys do the back nine, how far away I am, but certainly if I have a good one tomorrow I should be right in there.

Q. And of course if you do do well tomorrow --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, certainly he's not got a putter anymore.

Q. Clear it up for us, you're actually using his putter?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, I'm using his putter. He got it in Ireland and I just changed after Ireland. I thought after America, I thought it was moving about too much for my balance. Just get more over the top of the ball. He's all right. I'll give him another one.

Q. You'll give him one?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I'll give him another one, yeah. He's got his eye on something, anyway.

Q. You have to be very patient there, because when you tripled that on the first day, must have been tempted -- keep the head?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: If you are going to have any, I think it's the first round because you've still got 60-odd holes to go, so you can consolidate if you play well from then on.
But I got off to a poor start yesterday, but just the patience -- I know the course well. I know there's chances if you keep playing well and you start to hole a few putts. So I thought that was the key basically just to be patient.

Q. Getting into the Top 60, Race to Dubai --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: That's a goal. If I just stick to my processes week-by-week and just keep doing what I'm doing, hopefully that takes care of itself. But obviously you want to play in it, but just try and do as well as you can, every tournament first.

Q. Is there any particular shots today, anything special out there?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I just played really solid. I hit it close. I hit it very close at the 6th, and after bogeying 5 I got the momentum going again. I never birdied 9 from the middle of the fairway, I just tweaked my 3-wood again, just being a bit too aggressive. But I had a chance every shot on the back nine really.

Q. The three birdies in a row --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I hit it to 14, chipped it stiff just off the side of the green.
15, I hit it to that (indicating) with a wedge and 16 I 2-putted.

Q. With what?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Driver and 3-wood, middle of the green.

Q. Your approach on the last?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Just off the upslope. I just turned it too much. I just sort of -- I needed a really good one to get up there and trying to put a bit of shape on it, but just off the upslope, I sat back on it a wee bit. I had a horrendous lie and couldn't even see the ball.

Q. You've been working with Dale Robertson, how much of that is on the mental side.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, it's more mental side. I've been working hard with Bob this week after America, as well, on my driving, which you've got to drive it well out here, too, and I've been working on just sort of the approach to the practise side and how I practise and stuff like that. It's good.
I know my stats don't show it but my putter is getting better and better I feel, anyway.

Q. Do you feel like you're approaching it differently?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Definitely am, more positive.

Q. How do you practise --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It's not easy. But certainly when you see the ball going in the hole, it's good for the confidence.

Q. Is it all about relaxation before, is it that kind of technique?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It's more just the way I go about every shot. If you do your best on one shot, pick your line and hit it, not much you can do. But it's getting to a stage where you know if you're lined up and you've hit a good putt, it has a chance of going in.

Q. How do you fancy your chances tomorrow?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: See what the weather is like. Exactly what I just said. Every shot, you know, pick my line, give 100 per cent clarity commitment, see what happens.
If it's 20-mile-an-hour wind around this course, this course turns from very enjoyable walk and a good test to really tricky, because the wind is always straight across the course. So it could be -- level par could be a really good score tomorrow.

Q. If the leaders pick up maybe a couple of shots coming home, 12-under could be leading, that's still well within --
STEPHEN GALLACHER: You see shots, leads turned over, stuff like, that week in, week out. Guys have a good one last round and that's what it is.

Q. You like it here, don't you?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I like the course, yeah, it's in great shape. Remarkable shape, as well, today, considering the surrounds and the weather we have. It's really held up brilliant. A bit soft obviously but not unputtable. You know, you hit a putt, it stays on its line pretty much. It's impressed me. The course is in really good shape.

Q. Do you think it's getting better every year?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I think it is. I think it's still obviously a long way to go for The Ryder Cup. They need to do a lot more drainage. It's going to happen. It's improving every year. There's good improvement to the 7th and the greens are certainly nowhere near as soft as years gone by. And they have both had more rain.

Q. What do you think of the 18th hole for The Ryder Cup?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Well, Ryder Cup's all about drama, anyway, isn't it, doesn't really matter. It's one guy beat another guy, it doesn't matter what hole you play. That's the way I look at it. It's a decent hole to get up in two. Hopefully it comes down -- it's all about drama in The Ryder Cup. It's not about one hole. You can play around a park if you want to and still get the same interest.

Q. I think Monty mentioned that, only four games at Celtic Manor came down to the final hole?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: 15, 16, 17 -- 16 is a good hole and 17 is a great par 3 and 15 is a good hole. You have the risk and reward at 14, as well. It's a good venue.

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