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August 27, 2011

Mark Foster


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Very well played again, give us your assessment of a fine 68. It was all about the par 5s today I believe.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, yeah easy to explain, I just kept the ball in play and just kept hitting great shots into the par 5s, getting on the greens in two, making eagle chances. It was tricky again out there. As you can see, nobody was getting away. Just beat the weather by the sounds of it.
The flags are a little bit tougher today I noticed. I holed a few birdie putts yesterday and I didn't hole anything today because it seemed everything had two or three feet of break on it, and obviously the flags were a bit tougher.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Obviously you're in good position going into tomorrow, give us your thoughts on that.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, exactly where you want to be. Playing 18, whatever your, one behind, level, whatever it is, perfect going into tomorrow.

Q. You must be very familiar with this position now, you've been right in contention going into the last few events in these tournaments. What do you feel you've taken from that and -- get over the line and win it --
MARK FOSTER: I was saying to SKY, the difference -- all I've taken from the other stuff was -- you know, I actually -- I'm going to sound like a new age guy. I look beyond winning nowadays. If somebody asks me, am I going to win tomorrow? I have no idea. Do I want to win? Of course I do. But I just do what I do now. I do my own thing, and you know, golf is just good for me. Life's good. Golf's good. And I just do the same thing every day and see what happens.

Q. Will you look at leaderboards?
MARK FOSTER: I look at leaderboards all the time. It doesn't influence -- I look as soon as I go out there. If I go out Thursday afternoon, I want to know what somebody shot Thursday morning.
Yeah, I've always looked at leaderboards. I'm one of those that don't see the point in not. Unless you have mental issues, there's no point in not looking.

Q. Just to follow that up, this tournament could be won tomorrow by whoever holes the putts, because a lot of people are playing good golf and not getting the ball in the hole. Do you think that mental attitude will help you?
MARK FOSTER: Well, it might not help get the ball in the hole --

Q. Not show frustration?
MARK FOSTER: There's obviously, you know, I'm trying to do certain things, and as you can see, I mean, I'm not seeing anybody else out there. It's very difficult to get the ball in the hole. And I made a conscious effort, you know, if I can hit the par 5s in two, you are making headway. I didn't make one birdie outside the par 5s today, which is very frustrating normally.
But looking at leaderboards, I knew everybody was having the same problems. To answer your question, yes.

Q. So you just accept it, get on with it?
MARK FOSTER: It's easier said than done. But yeah, it's almost to a point where it's out of your control once the ball gets going. So you know, I feel the solider you play out there, the more chances you've got, definitely.

Q. How close are you still to Lee Westwood? Because what you're saying about tournament wins is now effectively what he's saying about trying to win a major.
MARK FOSTER: I've not seen him for a long while. I'm very close to him. Yeah, I've grown up with him. I'm very close to him.
We are at different stages in our life. I've become a serial runner-up guy. He's won -- I don't know, he's won 30-odd tournaments. So you can make comparisons with that, but there is none, really.
Just the biggest difference for me, I've found a different place in my life. Golf is still a major priority, but there's just other things involved.

Q. And the eagle?
MARK FOSTER: 9, good drive, 3-wood. Front left, just edge ever the green -- chipped it up. Pete gave me a good -- Peter Lawrie hit a good chip, lost his ball up there. Chipped mine in.

Q. How far?
MARK FOSTER: 15 feet.

Q. What was the longest putt that you holed today?
MARK FOSTER: I chipped it in.

Q. Apart from that?
MARK FOSTER: Inside eight feet. Eight feet is the longest putt.

Q. Was there a key moment this year or last year where you suddenly had that realisation, look, this is a good life, I'm a very good golfer, I can enjoy myself here, and not get too down on yourself?
MARK FOSTER: No. To be honest, the turning point was probably when I lost that Spanish Open. But it's one thing when you're -- you realise, it's just the way the game is. I should have won that tournament. But you know, I've learnt from it and gone on, and as I said, I was frustrated in Germany when I didn't win there. But didn't even give myself a chance in the end. I got in the lead in Germany, but going out on Sunday, I didn't give myself any chance to win whatsoever, so I was frustrated. I had an unbelievable chance and didn't go my way.
You know, I come off these -- I can't influence what goes on. If Garrido shoots 65 tomorrow, or anybody shoots 65, I just -- if I'm just not interested in taking care of what I'm doing -- and I'm confident if I carry on doing what I'm doing, good things will happen, whether that's winning or, you know, other things. I've got -- I guess I've got my own ideas and my own values, and if I do the work I want to do, I'm happy where I am.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Mark, thanks for joining us. Good luck tomorrow.

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