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August 27, 2011

Ignacio Garrido


GORDON SIMPSON: It may seem a long time, 2003 when you beat Trevor Immelman to win the PGA at Wentworth but you're back in now with a real shout at winning another big title on The European Tour. How do you feel going into the final day.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, I feel good. I think it's great to be back in this position. When you are, you never know when the next one is going to be, so it's nice to have another go at a title, as you say. The good thing is, even though it's been awhile, once you've been there, you know what the feeling is.
So in that sense, well, I think I've got the experience to know how I'm going to be feeling tomorrow. Obviously, the fact that you have the chance to win, it puts a little bit of pressure on you, but hope it's some nice pressure. I'm enjoying my golf lately, and that's what I've done these three days which is probably the key. I will try to do the same tomorrow.
GORDON SIMPSON: Well, it would seem that you are at ease with your game, otherwise I don't think you would have taken a driver for your second shot at 16, a fantastic shot of the day.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, it was a good shot, yes, but the fact that we are placing the ball and I also had a bit of an uphill lie, and made it a bit easier, I'm not saying it was easy but it made it easier, but I probably got the best contact of the day, and, well, it came straight, it came strong, beautiful.
GORDON SIMPSON: And also you're joint leader going into the last round.

Q. Do you think it's fair that a tournament should be decided on greens where a lot more control is going to decide what putts go into the hole?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, I don't think -- I don't think they are the best greens on Tour, but I also think that they have improved a lot. A few years back, when you played in days like today after the rain and playing in the last few groups, it was very, very difficult.
And at the moment, I think they are harder than other greens, but I think -- I still think that if you roll the ball well, you have a better chance than not.
So I think they are improving. I think they are better every year, and if it had not rained as it has these last couple of days quite heavily --
GORDON SIMPSON: This whole month really.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I think they would have been in good shape. I think on Thursday, the greens were good. And probably with the rain, they have gotten a bit worse these last couple of days.
I never believed that luck is what makes someone a winner or not.

Q. You are by no means the only winner of a big tournament at Wentworth who then went on for a number of years without winning. There's a spell right about that time. Did that help you in any way when you saw other guys perhaps going through the same thing, and can you put your finger on why that may be?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I think every case is different. And probably the reasons why all those players went without winning are completely different from one to another.
In my case, I had a couple of years after Wentworth which were difficult, personally and game-wise. My head was not into the game. And then when I tried to come back, it has not been that easy. I mean, it is a very hard game if you have not got everything in shape; it's very hard to get out there. These guys play very well, and you're not going to get it for free.
But it's been two or three good years lately in the sense of getting the game better and feeling better, and, well, that's probably why I'm in this position now and whatever happens tomorrow, I will enjoy it.
GORDON SIMPSON: Of course The Ryder Cup is played here, a long time since you played there, as well, at Valderrama. You would like to get back to that level again I would imagine.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I think that level probably is still there. It's just I've had -- as I say, there are so many things involved in scoring well, but sometimes you don't even know which one is missing. At the moment it looks like I've got most of them under control, if you want to call it like that, and, well, let's hope I can keep playing like this and probably thinking like this. I think the main -- the main issue this week has been that I've been very focussed and very, very into my game and managing to be the same on the 18th as I was on the 1st.
On days like this, it's not easy. I think you can lose your concentration very easily with the rain, rain gear off, rain gear on, now the wind has changed. So I've managed not to make too many mistakes. I only recall one now, my tee shot on 11 today, which is a fairly simple shot. Just lost my focus a little bit and hit a very bad shot to the left. But apart from that one, I think the rest have been pretty tidy is probably the key.

Q. The forecast for tomorrow is for wind --
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I don't know, I just found out. I've played in many conditions already. I don't think anything is going to surprise me. I always think that it doesn't matter what the conditions are, they are the same for everyone. Especially on a Sunday.
It might not be like that, if we are talking about Thursday, but on a Sunday, the guys are going to be fighting for the tournament, we have the same conditions.
So all you can do is try your best and the only thing that is going to change is that maybe if we have a nice day tomorrow, I have to shoot a few under par to win. And maybe if the weather is as nasty as you say that it's going to be, I won't need to do that many under par. But at the end of the day, just keep it in the red.

Q. How does your game compare with when you won at Wentworth in terms of striking the ball?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I think, well, it's two different things. I think the more you play, the more experience you get. In terms of course management and knowing how to handle your game better, obviously I'm better than seven, eight years back.
I also think my game is better. I think I know what I do much more than I did before. Actually, the year I won Wentworth, I only had two or three good weeks the whole year, so that shows that probably -- I'm not saying that it was luck, because to win one of these tournaments is not only luck, but my game was in shape that week and I managed to use it well, but I couldn't follow on that performance for the rest of the year.
So I think at the moment, I'm a much more solid golfer than I was then. But saying that, you never know. You know what this game is like. You say you're playing well, and the next thing you see is 10-over par, you know, and -- inaudible -- and then all of the sudden, you have three great rounds.
But I'm happy with how I'm hitting the ball and how I have progressed all these years. As I said yesterday, the main thing is that I have not lost any appetite for winning or for playing or any passion for the game. So I still love it, so that's probably why I still practise to get better.
GORDON SIMPSON: Well, tomorrow all will be revealed. Thank you very much.

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