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August 26, 2011

Francesca Schiavone


C. WOZNIACKI/F. Schiavone
7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Francesca.

Q. You seemed to be in control of that match until the point at 5-5 with the big rally. Did you feel a momentum shift there?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think was in control more than 5-5. But she was fighting really hard.
I think the key was when I was serving on 5-4 that I didn't serve so good. I was a little bit not in good order. Every point has to be really attention with the pressure good, strategic good, and I need something different, and you can't because there's really one, two points that can make the difference.
In the second set, second set was strange. She won 6-3. I had the chance. I had breakpoints. She had breakpoint. Could be longer, the set. I think we were really close.

Q. What makes Caroline so difficult to play?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think the consistent that she has.

Q. Is there any one shot of hers that stands out? Sometimes her backhand is noted as being tougher.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Backhand, she play good. She has good control cross-court, along line, yeah.

Q. Talking about the breaks in the second set, she broke you to go up 4-3, then you had her 15-40 with a chance to break back, but you ended up losing. Was that her consistency?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Her consistent is okay. But me, I don't catch my chance. When I catch my chance and I play my play, is good. Is tennis. You don't take it, and she take. That's the difference between being No. 1, I think, and being where you are.

Q. How do you think you're playing heading into New York?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, I have good feeling. I need just to believe, to keep going, to be in order with everything that I do. Sometimes I go away. My fantasy is coming too strong and I don't control (smiling). But more discipline and I can do very well, very good.

Q. How concerned are the players about this hurricane coming?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yeah, yeah, we have to believe what they said, what they suggest to tell us. So I think we will stay in the hotel. I hope nothing happen, of course. Maybe little bit scared. But against the nature, you can't do anything. You have just to stay where you are and we will see.

Q. When will you leave for New York?
Can I go to rest (smiling)? Ciao.

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