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August 26, 2011

Na Li


6-2, 5-7, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Na Li.

Q. After you fought off those match points and had some of your own, did you think at that point you would come back?
NA LI: No, I think both player have play very well in the tiebreak. So, yeah, I only have one match point. So I think, Okay, come on, now this point. But after lose, I didn't think about too much. I didn't think about it, yeah. We were the same level. How was it, 7-All? Still have a chance.
But, yeah, I think today still like before, like up-down, up-down always, yeah.

Q. Was it difficult trying to establish your rhythm against a player who seemed to be so up and down during the match?
NA LI: No, because now I'm not care how the opponent play looks like because now I only have to focus on my game. That's why I need some matches. I have to find my rhythm on the court, yeah.

Q. You dropped the serve to start each set. Can you talk about how that affected your mentality, putting you behind in each set.
NA LI: I think today serve was like the worst ever (smiling). I mean, no first serve. The second serve like just push back to the court.
I mean, I don't know why, what happened. I mean, after yesterday, end of the second set, I was thinking, I don't know what happened today. Even in the warmup, I was think, Good serve. But coming to the match, just feeling bad. Just double-fault all the times, yeah.

Q. How do you feel about your game going into next week now?
NA LI: Was not bad because I was play three tough match in here. So, yeah, I felt little bit feeling on the court. I know now is not my best tennis, but I will working hard again. I try to push me a lot for US Open.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about the weather that's moving in. Have you made any arrangements? What are your plans heading into the weekend?
NA LI: Well, I mean, right now I didn't have any plan for the weekend. Yeah, because I was lost today, so maybe tomorrow I will go to New York. Is safe, because Sunday. So I will leaving tomorrow. And Sunday, if the bad weather, I will stay in the hotel. I think that's safe, yeah.

Q. Does she look like she's playing well enough to you to win the championship tomorrow?
NA LI: She still have chance. I mean, not crazy like me. Not play like up-down, up-down like me (smiling).
For her, still have chance. I think today she play good tennis, so yeah. Should be good match for tomorrow.

Q. This is probably a breakout week for you. Have you been aware of her rise? Have you been aware of her before this match?
NA LI: I mean, I was play her last time was three years ago. So after yesterday, my coach was watch her play little bit. So this morning he was talk to me little bit. Maybe I couldn't really understand what he was talking about. No, it's really. I mean, my coach say she will miss a lot in the forehand. But today, I mean, she had winner in the forehand.
Also, I mean, maybe she was play -- because I didn't like the play, like sometimes she play backhand like slice. She change a lot, yeah. So you never know where you have to play next shot, yeah.

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