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August 27, 2011

William McGirt


WILLIAM McGIRT: She just flashed 101. Starting the week, they told me I had to finish like 36th, and what was I, a tie for 28th or something? And I'm trying it to figure out, how if I'm tied for 28th and there must have been 40 guys tied.
But I mean, best swing I made all week, bar none, and I hit a lot of good shots this week. I wanted to hit 8-iron so bad. We had 172 I think to the hole -- 176, excuse me. I wanted to hit 8-iron so bad but I told Brandon, I said, if it gets there, I think it's going to spin.
So I just kind of hit a little down 7 and unfortunately hit it about five and a half, six feet and knocked it in.

Q. Had you been getting updates about your position in the round or is that the first time your wife said anything?
WILLIAM McGIRT: That was the first time. I didn't even notice there wasn't a scoreboard on the golf course until Charley pointed it out on 14 walking to the green. I had no idea. I had not even looked for one.

Q. Guess you were focused.
WILLIAM McGIRT: I didn't want to know. I knew going into the day, it was just like Sunday, if I played well, it would take care of itself. I didn't play as well as I wanted but I guess I like living on the edge.

Q. Is it easier or harder --
WILLIAM McGIRT: Emotionally, it was probably harder, because of where I started. But I mean, I played better today than I did last Sunday. And that was the frustrating part was, you know, you played a lot better and just didn't get anything out of it.

Q. But you must have been -- when you were making all of those pars and stuff, you must have been pressing a little bit.
WILLIAM McGIRT: I hit some great putts in there, and it was kind of like is anything ever going to fall. I burned the edge a couple of times and hit a couple of putts right where we were looking. It just didn't move or dove across the hole.
So yeah, I mean, after a while, you start standing in the fairway and instead of aiming 15 feet right and trying to turn it in, now you're aiming five feet right trying to hit it dead at it. That's the one thing I've tried not to do is get overly aggressive like that.

Q. Ready to do it again next week?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Heck yeah, man, it's the Playoffs. There's still a chance.

Q. Are you driving up there?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, I think we are actually going to go to Rochester tonight, stay with some friends, and take two days and just kind of rest.

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