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August 26, 2011

Peter Lawrie


Q. In an afternoon where good scores were hard to come by, how well do you feel you played to shoot 69?
PETER LAWRIE: I played okay. I putted lovely, I really did. But I had a lot of short irons in, just coming in there at the end didn't hit them real close but the putter certainly made up for it, especially on the 13th hole, holed a real nice putt there. Very happy with 69.

Q. You told us you changed a couple of things in your putting going into the Irish Open. What were they?
PETER LAWRIE: Just trying to be more positive, you know what I mean, read the greens better and just be a bit more positive and not second give myself and if they go in, they go in you know what I mean. It's more of a case of positivity than negativity.

Q. That's a wry smile on your face as you came out of the bunker with your third shot to 18, tell us why.
PETER LAWRIE: Certainly not the way it was meant to play the hole, and it was certainly a difficult shot and one that's going to come off, you know what I mean, maybe one out of ten, back foot with a 58 and hope for the best. It came out beautifully, so that's why the smile was there.

Q. Thoughts going into this weekend, very congested leaderboard.
PETER LAWRIE: Very much so and it's a golf course that really I've never done well around. So you know, just try and keep on playing decent and putt decent and maybe give it a chance on Sunday.

Q. How were things?
PETER LAWRIE: Good, yeah. You know, it was tough conditions out there. Weather didn't really help us early on, a lot of rain, very cold. But after sort of eight holes, it sort of improved, sun came out a little bit and far more pleasant.

Q. You looked like you were enjoying things, a few chuckles here and there.
PETER LAWRIE: More sort of a case of laughing at myself than anybody else. A few mistakes that I shouldn't be making. But I made up for it on other areas of the game.

Q. Take me through that lovely spell of long putt holed, birdie and then a blemish and then another long putt holed from off the green.
PETER LAWRIE: You know I hit a good shot into 12 with 5-iron, holed a nice putt, maybe 25 feet, tried to hit 6-iron into the next, came up short, not a great lie and tried to chip to five feet maybe, bad putt, I have to admit in sort of two minds on that putt, either hit it hard or hit it soft. I think I went for the hard line but the soft pace.
Then the next I hit a terrible shot from 80 yards and lo and behold made up for it with putting from just off the edge of the green. So very pleasing.

Q. You were able to make up for things on a couple of other occasions, as well. I know you were talking about the 18th?
PETER LAWRIE: You know, I was trying to get it up there as close as possible to the green. You know, from 80 yards here, it's very easy to spin the ball and you're going to spin it back off the front edge of that green.
So I hit a bad second shot into the bunker and then hit to be honest, a wonderful bunker shot to where I could get it. And unfortunately hit a great putt and I don't know how it didn't go in but it ended up behind the hole but not in the hole.

Q. What are your thoughts on your position on that leaderboard?
PETER LAWRIE: It's very nice on a Friday to be tied for the lead. You know, it would be nicer on Saturday to be tied for the lead and maybe be in the lied on Sunday. Yeah, I certainly won't be getting ahead of myself.

Q. Your thoughts on Gleneagles?
PETER LAWRIE: Golf course is in good shape. It's playing exceptionally long. To have us straight off the back of pretty much every tee, so certainly wouldn't be my No. 1 golf course where I could say that I would do well around. Normally I'm sort of a plodder around the golf course, but look, I'm doing well, you know, everything is suiting my eye. So I'm happy.

Q. Is it a good venue for 2014?
PETER LAWRIE: I think it will be, you know what I mean, it's a challenging golf course. I think there will be far less people out here so the greens will run pretty good, and just hopefully they can get the weather at that time of year.

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