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August 26, 2011

Mark Foster


MARK FOSTER: Frustrating day for me. It was quite difficult out there to be honest. I think it's been pretty consistent the whole day, squalls, and so you just batten down the hatches for a couple of holes and try to make birdies when the sun was shining.
But all in all, I'm sitting in a good position and I'll sleep on, that and yeah, I'll come back tomorrow in a better frame of mind. Yeah, I'm right where I want to be.

Q. Presumably it was just after you started with the heaviest of downpours.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, it was. Yeah, it was tricky early on. There's no two ways around it. The frustrating thing for me was I was under par in that rain, and only finished 1-under. But the leaderboard tells you that everyone is having the same problems and you have to keep telling yourself that. Otherwise, 7- , 8-under wouldn't be winning this golf tournament.

Q. I guess as a first-round leader you would expect to stay into the mix, maybe forge a lead, but I guess you couldn't really turn the pressure on.
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, I think I had a chance, but again, everybody is the same. Nobody is getting ahead for the same reason. That's why the scoring is bunched and nobody's gone ahead.
Going down 9 I wasn't thinking about a particular number, but I thought playing that way around, I got four or five birdies in me from nine in, playing level par, nothing wrong with that but it is tough to make birdies later on in the day.

Q. Is there one that you can reflect on and say, that was the highlight, that was the good thing about the day?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, I hit a lovely -- can't me going in the middle of the rain. I chipped it just short on 3. And I was pleased with what I did in the rain really, front edge on 2 -- I have not played 2 very well and just thrown it down and got 54 and got a good 2-putt there and chipped in from the front on 3 which sort of got my momentum going.
Yeah, some good stuff to reflect on, and I'll just keep doing the same the next couple of days.

Q. Absolutely and to reiterate that positive, you're in a fine position on the board?
MARK FOSTER: I went out in the lead, I would have liked to have stayed in the lead but I'm in touch, and you know, tomorrow I'm in touch.

Q. You say the more you're in touch, you're getting more and more used to it in this season in particular?
MARK FOSTER: Yeah, that's what I'm practicing for and that's why I'm here and that's where I want to be. Sometimes it hurts when you're up there but practicing at home. Looks like it's going to be a good shootout over the weekend.

Q. Is there a simple reason why you have this solidity this season and you're up there so frequently?
MARK FOSTER: The work I've been doing with my coach just over a year now, that's becoming more solid. Working with a putting guy, and he was helping me. I think to answer your question, it's my quality of life, as in routine-wise. I'm back in England, I'm living in London, we are really happy at home and just my routine is really good.

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