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August 26, 2011

Kenneth Ferrie


Q. 7-under for 36 holes, which aspect of your game has been most responsible for the scoring?
KENNETH FERRIE: Well, this week it's been my putting. I've actually putted really well for the first couple of days. I've been playing pretty well all year, hitting lots of good shots and hitting the greens and not making lots of putts.
I swapped to the belly putter a couple of weeks ago and it's paid off. I've holed my fair of 4- and 5-footers which I've been struggling with and that's been the marked improvement this week.

Q. Take any time to adapt with it?
KENNETH FERRIE: It's something I've used at home quite a lot for practising. It's something that takes all kind of my faults that I do with the short putter out of it. So I've been using it at home for a long time just in the house and when I'm at the golf club.
So I just got to the point where I thought, why not, it works when I'm practising, so I'll bring it out and have a go with it.

Q. I notice you have Dave Renwick on the bag, very experienced caddie, what does he bring to the party?
KENNETH FERRIE: Exactly, that experience, calmness, and getting into contention with me is nothing compared to what he's done in his career. To have somebody on the bag knowing that under the most extreme pressure, never mind just normal events -- Dave has won five majors so to have him on the bag is a fantastic asset for me, and I'm sure it can only benefit me.

Q. You won on The European Tour in 2003, 2005 and last few years have been a struggle. Where do you feel with your game now?
KENNETH FERRIE: I've been happy for the last two or three years. Like I say, people looking at my results might not think it's been there, but it's been decent, lots of fairways and lots of greens. But I mean, nowadays playing well and shooting 2-under and playing bad and shooting 1-over gets you nowhere nowadays. Most weeks it actually misses the cut.
Like I say I'm happy with how I'm playing. I just need to keep plugging away and hopefully things will keep going my way.

Q. Would you have taken that when you turned up?
KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, I would. It's always a pretty tough golf course and yeah, so-so with the weather -- I would have bitten your hand off.

Q. The final birdie --
KENNETH FERRIE: I was hoping to. I made a great birdie at 15 to get to 7-under. And the two par 5s, hoping I could get to 8 but I made a bit of a hash at 16 from just short of the green and 3-putted 17. So to get the one back that I lost on 17 and 18 was nice.

Q. How is the course playing considering the weather today, overcast conditions, heavy air?
KENNETH FERRIE: It's playing okay. It's playing very long. I spent all the front nine, seemed like I was hitting 3-iron on every single hole. I'm trying to think, No. 4, No. 5, 6 down the hill is playing long, 7 -- every hole is playing long.
That's the main thing with the wind picking up as well I'm sure this afternoon is going to play even harder.

Q. It's been a few years since your last win 2005?

Q. Do you wake up tomorrow morning thinking, oh, I've got that feeling back in my stomach, I could do very well here?
KENNETH FERRIE: Oh, no doubt, that's what we play for. We play to try to get that feel, and it's a great feel when you get in contention and like I say, I haven't been there quite as much as I would have liked to have been the last couple of years. The fact that I have won twice before, and I've been up there many other times, I think can only be good for me.

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