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August 26, 2011

Ignacio Garrido


Q. Tell us about today, how was it?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, it was a difficult start. We got probably the worst part of the day when we started. We had an hour or a bit more of rain in probably the toughest holes. It wasn't the easiest that I would have wanted, but I managed to keep my game together and even managed a couple of birdies in those first five or six holes. And then everything was a bit easier from there on when the rain stopped, and again, the day was quite nice.
The game was solid, just like yesterday I would say. Hit most of the fairways and so put the ball in position to then being able to attack and not get into trouble. And that's what I did. Took a few chances because today playing in the afternoon, greens are not as good as they were in the morning yesterday. But well, I managed to -- I didn't do anything silly, and, well, 3-under I think is overall a pretty good score.

Q. I take it you are proud of yourself if you do hold it together in tricky circumstances.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Yes, of course. As I said yesterday, it's not an easy course. It just doesn't give you that many birdies straightaway. You play a lot of long irons, you know after the rain today, that the rough is going to be tough because it's going to be wet, it's long and wet and it's going to be difficult to hit the ball on the greens. You have pressure from the first shot every single hole.
So managing to, as you said, to keep it together and play it solid was good.

Q. Cast your mind back, you've played this game for a little while now. When was the first time you led a tournament?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: First time I led a tournament?

Q. Do you remember what that feeling was like?

Q. And what happened as a result?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: It's always a great feel. I mean, that's what we work for to be honest top of everyone else at the end of the week. Easier said than done. But obviously to be leading the tournament at this halfway, it's just you're a step closer. Still a lot to be done. But tomorrow it I would rather be in this position than a few shots further back.

Q. Can't remember the first time?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Not 100 percent sure. I know I was leading the tournament in, I think it was the Spanish Open when I was pretty young, probably my second year on Tour, '94 or something like that. But saying, that I might be wrong.

Q. But presumably with experience, you learn how to deal with things, and becomes a little more second nature?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I think you put Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods in this situation, still, you are not sure of how they are going to manage with it.
This is a very tricky game, and well, all you can do is just try and keep within yourself and just don't look ahead of what you have in your hand in that minute. And if you manage to do that, then you can manage to put another two rounds like I did in the first two days, you know, so that's my goal, to try and keep the game the same way and look at the scoreboard at the end of the week as I did today, and to see that I was ahead.

Q. And not to get too far ahead of yourself?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Exactly. It's very easy to do that in this game and probably one of the things that you learn the last is that, to just stay in the present. We say that a lot of times, but it's very easy to be thinking about the next putt before you're chipping it.
But I think that was one of the keys these two days, that I managed to hit one shot at a time, and not look too far ahead.

Q. And the winning score?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Wow, this is not -- this is not a course where it's easy to say that. Especially because it depends on the weather, you know. If the weather is like it has been these two days, I think you need to get a few more birdies to get it. And the rough is tough as I said because it's wet and it's long, but there's always going to be a few guys that are going to hit it straight and they will get the chances.
So if it gets windy, well, we know what it's like here. If it's windy, it's a really -- par is a very good round. So I don't know, I think anything in double figures is going to have a good chance, but depending on how much the wind blows, it will be higher or lower.

Q. Come what may, you feel the benefit of the long-sleeve shirts?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Yeah, well, I don't use that much long sleeves anymore, but, well, on days like these two and probably the next two, you need them. So, yeah, I'm used to them.

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