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August 26, 2011

James Morrison


JAMES MORRISON: Steady solid golf and haven't really holed any real putts yet. The greens are tricky. They are bumpy, decently fast, so I'm happy. Steady I think, playing solid golf.

Q. Doesn't sound like you've impressed yourself and sounds like there's more in the tank.
JAMES MORRISON: I've definitely impressed myself. I've worked so hard on my long game the last few months, it's really kind of coming to the fore now really, and my strength is my short game and that's kind of lacking. But I think it's more so because it seems that way because I'm hitting the ball better from tee-to-green.
So I'm very pleased with myself. Last week was again another nearly week for me, 16th, and again for four rounds didn't really hole any putts there either. I feel like I'm playing well and just a matter of being patient, and keep going with it and keep working on every aspect of the game and it will all come together.

Q. I guess you do need a long game around here because this is playing extraordinarily long in these weather conditions.
JAMES MORRISON: Definitely. It's calm, this morning, we went back out for a restart and the first hole is a 3-wood into a par 3; and then a rescue club to a par 4 and 3-iron to a par 3, thinking, what's going on here.
It's one of those where it's cold and overcast and wet, but the course even though it's long you still feel like you can score around here. It not like it's been a long brute where you think, I can't even see a par let alone an under par score. So I still feel that I like coming here and I feel that I can see a score around here as well. I'm looking forward to weekend.

Q. Essentially these are not bad conditions, because you have not had it windy. It's a little cold but not unpleasant.
JAMES MORRISON: It's a little bit chilly but no wind. The rain has stayed away really so I mean I think we have got it lucky so far.

Q. You do like this part of the world?
JAMES MORRISON: I do like it, yeah. It's nice to sort of, somewhat be at home. We have got a nice flat this week behind the hotel and go over have a nice cup of tea and put your feet up and watch SKY Sports in the room. It's a nice change to be in a flat and being in an English-speaking country, even though sometimes you can't understand a word they are saying sometimes. It's nice being somewhat home here.

Q. We are obviously spoilt on this tour, you do like going to the foreign climes, don't you.
JAMES MORRISON: If you don't like travelling, you picked the wrong job. So we are very lucky. Like next week, for example, Crans is probably the prettiest place of the year, so it's such an amazing place. We are very spoilt wherever we go.

Q. Where is your balance in the sense you can pick and choose a little bit which tournaments you want to play. Clearly you're working, it's business for you, but presumably there's some you look at through the year and think, I really like that place, it's a nice relaxed place, I'll go there.
JAMES MORRISON: Definitely there's always places throughout the year you think, before you even play you know you want to play there, I want to play there. Like for instance, Wales, I'm not saying it's a bad scores but for me, can't stand it. But I still go back for more punishment. So I think next year I'm definitely going to say no.
There are tournaments you play -- Turin. I love it there. But I've missed the cut two years in a row there now but I absolutely love it so I'll keep going back. So there are venues you go where you think I'm comfortable, I'm happy, good food, good hotel, yeah, there are weeks you play where you definitely prefer than others.

Q. We are probably spoiled everywhere anyway but places like the Czech Republic which is not the biggest purse, not the biggest tournament, but somehow the sun shines, always look after you well.
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, the weekend last week was 30 degrees. And it was 30 degrees, it's run very well, they look after you well. The players' lounge is decent. The crowds are not very big but it's a lovely week, nice little town, nice hotel. So people think, oh, Czech Republic won't be very nice, but actually it's a very nice week.
We are very spoilt. I think my time playing the Euro Pro and playing The Challenge Tour, I kind of have to hold myself back from whinging about things. When you come from those sort of things, every week is a luxury.

Q. Probably does give you a better appreciation of what you've got out here.
JAMES MORRISON: Definitely. We are very spoilt. You don't realize how much expense it is to have a players' lounge and a crèche and a this and a that and courtesy cars back and forth. People whinge about it but deep down we really appreciate it.

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