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August 26, 2011

Vijay Singh


Q. And talk about going into what will be the final round, one shot off the lead, talk about where things stand and where you feel you are through two rounds.
VIJAY SINGH: I'm pretty happy with my position. I would have loved to be in the lead in case it doesn't -- in case we don't play. But you know, I'm quite happy. Starting off, if you said, take one shot off the lead, I would say, yeah, going into the last day.
It's going to be a pretty tough day tomorrow, because everybody is going to be shooting low, or trying to shoot low. So I'm just going to go out there and just see if I can, you know, repeat what I did today.

Q. You knew before you teed off that you were playing 54; correct?
VIJAY SINGH: I did, yes.

Q. So knowing that today was kind of like a Saturday and moving day, not a big deal to you?
VIJAY SINGH: I didn't really think -- well, I didn't think of it that way, you know, but if you know it's only going to be one more day to go, and starting off, I was, what, eight shots back, and so you know, you play a lot more aggressive than you normally would. And that's what I tried to do, and you know, limit my mistakes as much as possible.

Q. Knowing what could come tomorrow in terms of weather and delays or whatever, are you trying to just rack up as much as you could today?
VIJAY SINGH: Once you're out there, you're not really thinking of that. You're trying to -- basically try to play the best you can. You know there is a lot of birdie holes out there. And you really focus on -- you can attack the pin from anywhere on the golf course. It doesn't matter what club. So that's all you try to do is go at the flags and see if you can rack up as much birdies as you can.

Q. Were you almost firing at every flag out there?
VIJAY SINGH: Had to. Unless you're in the rough and you don't really know how it's going to come out, especially the last one over here. But it's an interesting way of playing golf. You know you can go at it from anywhere and it's going to stop. So would have loved to see this golf course play firm.

Q. But that's the way you'll play tomorrow, too, the same way?
VIJAY SINGH: I guess you have to. A lot of -- there will be a lot of guys doing the same thing. Actually everybody is going to be doing the same thing, trying to make as much birdies as possible. So you just have to follow suit and be very, very aggressive and positive.

Q. The confidence, you and Dustin at 13 and mat at 14 and four or five guys at 10 and 9. Do you like that it's basically going to be a free-for-all tomorrow?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, you've got to be careful because it's yielding a lot of birdies and if somebody gets a good round going, you can shoot very low, you know, so you just have to go out there, play each hole, and play hard. There's leaderboards all around the golf course, so we'll be aware of what's going on.

Q. You mentioned your back yesterday being better. Any certain treatment that you got on it to make it better, or just time?
VIJAY SINGH: I went to Germany and got some shots in my back. Exactly as Couples did. Actually he was there a few days before me. It's worked miracles, yeah.

Q. Did you hear he won the senior players last week --
VIJAY SINGH: I haven't, but I hear he's doing pretty good.

Q. (What is it about this time of year and the success you've had in the FedExCup and the Playoffs).
VIJAY SINGH: I guess it's coincidence. I'm playing well here, because I'm feeling good. I can be more aggressive and not really worry about how I'm going to wake up the next morning, and if I can play or not. So I've been struggling with this for two years, so it's the first time I feel really comfortable to go out and there.

Q. Guys going out this morning and shooting real low, were you surprised when you got out there how accessible some of these pins were?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, a little bit. You know, yes and no. Knowing yesterday what happened everybody shot low yesterday so we knew it was out there. But playing the practice rounds, you say, wow, it's going to be hard to make birdies on this golf course, but the pin placements are all fairly reasonable. I mean, they are tucked away, but wherever the pins are, they are pretty flat. So if you get inside of ten feet, you've got a good chance of holing putts.

Q. Were you concerned about finishing --
VIJAY SINGH: Well, now I'm one back, I will be (laughing)I don't know. I think we'll be able to manage to finish. I don't think anybody wants to see a tournament like this being 36 holes. I think they are going to try their best to finish it.

Q. The big picture --
VIJAY SINGH: You've got no choice. You can't deal with Mother Nature. I don't think we can play -- if it happens, what's supposed to, I don't think we can go out there even on Monday, it's going to be totally flooded.
So anyway, thank God this is the first leg of the Playoffs and not the third.

Q. Since you're the last guy, you're going to be going off last, do you have any contingency plans if you can't get out of here on time and get to Boston?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I think we'll be okay tomorrow. I think if we wait till Sunday, then we are going to have a problem. I think we'll all be able to get out of here tomorrow.

Q. Do you care at all about having the chance -- a very select group.
VIJAY SINGH: Never thought of it. I'll think about it tonight. I'll see you tomorrow.

Q. If things stay the same --
VIJAY SINGH: Very possible. Very, very possible. I mean, I'm surprised nobody went lower than -- what's the lowest round shot today, anyway?

Q. 63.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, so I'm surprised nobody's -- 59's out there. If you look at it, how easy it's playing, but you've got to be careful. There's a lot of trouble out there, too.

Q. What do you do on the first hole, does your approach change, does it go to a Sunday approach?
VIJAY SINGH: We take it as a Sunday now. So it's the last day, so going to go out there and play.

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