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August 26, 2011

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Angela Stanford into the interview room. Congratulations on your round today, 6-under. Fantastic finish for you on the back nine, shooting 31. What was kind of the difference on the turn?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I don't know. I guess I just had some better chances on the back. A couple par-5s that you have good chances, but I was just trying to hit good shots and give myself opportunities and the putter's rolling so that's good.
THE MODERATOR: After your round yesterday, 5-under, a round of 6-under. Feel good about the game right now the way you're rolling?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I feel good about my putter. I think any time you feel good about your putter, it's probably better than feeling good about anything else. So I haven't had this feeling in a while, so it's a lot of fun.
THE MODERATOR: I know there was one bogey in the round on No. 9. Did that fire you up a little bit for the back side?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, because it was just a bad decision, it was a bad club. I knew better than that, and then I let it affect my chip shot, and should have made the putt, but, oh, well.

Q. We were talking yesterday just about the good scoring conditions and being able to take advantage. Same thing again today? Did you feel like there was a low score that was out there?
ANGELA STANFORD: I didn't think so initially, but the wind never really kicked up, so I think any time you don't have to factor in the wind, that helps. The greens were still pretty soft. It's not surprising people are playing well.

Q. What's it like after the kind of round you had yesterday and you get to the first tee today, what goes through your mind? When did you get the feeling that it's going to be another one of those days?
ANGELA STANFORD: Don't mess it up the first round (laughing). No, I think when you see people climbing the leaderboard, I think it does a couple things. One, it makes you realize there are some birdies out there. So if you're just patient, you'll probably have your opportunities.
You can definitely -- I mean, I can. The leaderboard kind of gives me some feel on what's going on out there. It seemed like people are going low early in the morning wave. The morning wave played really well. So I think that helps me be a little more patient going out because you know that you're going to have some chances.

Q. You joked yesterday saying your putter finally decided to show up to a golf tournament. Are you guys friends again now?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, it's still yet to be determined because I have two more days. So I can't fall in love with him just yet. We're on speaking terms though, so it's good.

Q. Could you describe the playing conditions? Were they the same as yesterday, or better than yesterday?
ANGELA STANFORD: I thought they were the same. I mean, the only thing that I think was different was the wind for us. I thought it was blowing a little harder yesterday morning when we played. For the most part, the fairways still seem fairly soft. We didn't play lift, clean and place today, but I think that's maybe because they expected the rain yesterday. So I think the fairways were still pretty soft and the greens are still pretty soft. So pretty similar, just lacking the wind.

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