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August 26, 2011

Justin Rose


COLIN MURRAY: We'll go ahead and get started. Justin Rose thanks for joining us here in the media center at The Barclays, 6-under par 65 today, 10-under for the tournament going into tomorrow. Just thoughts on today and going into tomorrow; going to be a shootout.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, thoughts on today, I think that equals my low score of the year, so any time you do that is a good feeling. The game has sort of been coming around recently, but it just began to feel easy again, you know, where you're not over thinking things, you're not grinding, one or two things are going your way out there, making a couple of putts, certainly making key putts momentum-wise.
But it was nice to be on that end of it. It's been a little challenging the last two or month two, even though I've been playing well, I've been having a hard time to get the number to correlate -- the scorecard to correlate.

Q. Usually over 72 holes, the good guys often separate themselves and I'm guessing it's going to be a lot more clumped tomorrow, and given that finishing stretch of holes, and at availability of much red, what do you think it looks like coming down the stretch here tomorrow? He said "shootout"; that seems like a pretty fair assessment?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think that's pretty fair, only half the field have finished. I imagine I'm going took overtaken for third and I'm going to be kind of in the pack so to speak. I've noticed that Kuchar is at 14. So I would imagine that it will remain the lead.
But you know, in and around, that the guys are certainly going to be chasing. It depends on the weather tomorrow. If we are going to catch the edge of a front, it could be really windy, blustery, so the dynamic of it might change. It might actually be -- there are still going to be a lot of birdies because it's a short-ish golf course but there's going to be a lot more mistakes.
If it is windy and we are playing on the edge of a front tomorrow, that could make it exciting and actually make moving up even better. It will make a low round even better. Whereas if it was calm like it was today, you can pretty much guarantee one of the top five guys is going to shoot low whereas a guy five, six back to come in and win tomorrow if it's going to be a tricky, challenging day weather-wise.

Q. How does it affect your mind-set going into the weekend knowing you only have one more round rather than two?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, it makes me happy about today. I think I'll take my chances going into tomorrow. You know, that's probably an exciting prospect. I think if I was 6-under par, I would be disappointed hearing that it's a 54-hole event.
I would love to be a couple better of course but I'm happy to be where I am, after two days, learning the situation; not often do we deal with a hurricane up here on the East Coast this far up. It's one of those weeks where you have a feel for everybody involved. You have to feel for everybody at Plainfield, everybody at Barclays. It's just a shame. But I think everyone is making the best of it and hopefully we'll have an exciting tournament and that's what everybody wants to see.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Justin, thanks for your time.

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