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August 25, 2011

William McGirt


Q. Just talk about your day?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I got off, I won't say a shaky start but it definitely wasn't my best start. I ran it about five feet by on 1 and made it for par. Then 2, completely misread it and had about six or seven feet for par and knocked that in dead center.
3, tugged at that left bunker and was just dead. I hit the a heck of a bunker shot to about too feet and that and that jump started everything.
Made about a 20-footer for birdie on 4.
Got up-and-down from the back fringe on 5.
We all three hit it in there about five feet on 6.
All made birdie and then 7 I hit it to about a foot.
Got away with a close shot on 8, hit it up on the hill and ran down the hill about 25, 30 feet.
You know, a good, solid par and then made about a 10-footer on 9.
Hit it about five feet on 10.
And then made about a 30-footer on 11.
You know, all in all, everything is going pretty well. I was driving it pretty well, hit my irons pretty well and making some putts. So, pretty good combo. Hopefully I can finish tissue it off in the morning and get another good one in in the afternoon.

Q. This has been a pretty weird day, waiting so long to start and now you guys stop?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, looking at the radar, I was thinking we were probably 30/70 on getting to play. It did not look promising for a long time, and fortunately it's broke for us.
You know, I've done this enough -- you know how to kill time, you figure it out after a while. But hopefully I can go out and make that 10-footer I got for birdie on 12 in the morning and keep it going.

Q. So you stop there --
WILLIAM McGIRT: I wanted to hit it so bad, but just looking at it, there was enough of a shadow on the green that I couldn't really read it. My eyes were seeing one thing, my feet were feeling something else, so I just decided to put a mark on it.

Q. What's it feel like to be in sort of that type of a roll in terms of making so many birdies in a row?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Oh, man, it's been so long since I've been on a streak like that it. It's great. I wish I could do it more. You know, just seemed like today I had a lot of good numbers for shots. Just like last Friday, last Friday it seemed like every shot we walked off was a perfect number.
Then Saturday, I don't think I had a good number all day. Everything was dead in-between clubs. You're trying to just rip one or feather one in there. So, you know, that's kind of easy to get it going when you're hitting stock shots all day.
Hopefully we can continue that tomorrow.

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